Why we're replacing the demo sounds


The reason I started using Auxy in the first place last year was because it wasn’t costly, and I’m sure a lot of you can agree. Now even though I can pay for Auxy for as long as I’d like, I can see this being a decline in new users coming to the app. What I’m trying to say is hopefully Auxy will be free again in the future.


Hey! It definitely shouldn’t cut you off early! First, try ‘Restore Purchases’ in the ‘How To’ tab. If that doesn’t work, please send me an email from within the app (‘Support’ in the ‘How To’ tab). This will give me a log with some info. You can also check your purchase history here and verify that the expiration date is the date you’re expecting.


Important question:

Will the 8 or so demo sounds that were in place and low res export still be available for free users of Auxy? I think a free version like that would be great cuz people can make songs even if they can’t afford Auxy, then when they make money why wouldn’t they wanna pay for Auxy to expand upon their songs? I think that would be great cuz anyone who can will pay and those who can’t can still make music and be immersed in the Auxy brand enough to become a paying customer in the future. Because I do think the demo sounds are varied and awesome and I would hope if someone truly can’t afford it they could still make music.


I don’t think they want people to use the app for free, only try it out


Yeah but some people legitimately can’t afford stuff or have their parents limiting certain reach to purchasing power. Those who don’t have money are typically willing and able to be paying customers once allowed access to money. I’m not saying free users need 50 sounds… but 8 sounds and you’re set. You make tracks and imagine possibilities then once you have the money you will- without hesitation- be willing to pay for a year sub without a problem and never let go of your subscription. Trust me, grew up with very very little money and I would’ve still hoped to immerse myself in a creative space, even if I had to use 2 intruments, just to expand upon those possibilities once I could pay for premium.


I wanted to support Auxy, so I subscribed (the Yearly Sub tho, don’t want to spend too much a year) and that was definitely the right way to go.


@lenberg @Fredrik I am very safe to say that this is the biggest bullsh!t you’ve ever come up with.
And I have basically everyone agreeing with it.
Why would you create an app, and a community, just to break it all down, because that is what you are doing.
You’ve been losing users since you brought out this crappie premium subscription, because your money hungry and now your using more by the day, and Jheez wait until June 1st comes around xD

All of your dreams are gonna start coming to an end guys and just crumble beneath your feet, if you don’t put your act together, you’ll be losing money, not earning it

Well I’ll leave this here, suspend me if you like idc, just listen to what the community has to say

Have a nice day :wink:



Harsh… I don’t agree. They’re not money hungry, they actually need it.


Then get another job, like it’s not rocket science


after everything that has been said this isn’t really necessary…


Well it’s p!ssed me off, I’m just telling them how it is


it annoyed me as well but things can only get better from here


Well hopefully


There will always be some people unhappy with a decision involving pricing (and the devs have always known this), but it’s good to see a new clear communication and some advanced notice for the free users.

New users can use the free trial period to try out the functionality, to determine if it’s worth paying for. And existing free users have been given an extension of the free sounds. Now everyone knows what’s happening, so there are no surprises.


I’ll be saying goodbye to a bunch of young users, which saddens me. Back in day, I didn’t pay for Auxy, but it was a completely different machine. Now it’s a sleek and powerful thing that is constantly updating.

I expect to see free users seek cheaper alternatives in the app store. I feel for you guys who have your reasons for not paying, but paying for software is as equal a responsibility to the economy as is giving your dollars to the fruit stand at the local market. App developers just stand to make more because of the wide accessibility that the interwebs give them.

I’d be interested to see if this works well for the devs — yes their overall usage will drop but I wonder if it will encourage more users to subscribe.


Way over the line. Apologizing and giving users more time with the original sounds was a classy move by the Auxy developers.

If you’ve read the explanation on this thread alone, you should be able to understand the reasoning behind this and the premium subscription as a whole (long term economic stability). If they were money hungry they’d charge more for the subscription or add tiers.

Maybe what you said wouldn’t been marginally more relevant before their efforts to make amends, but at this point it’s highly unnecessary.


I’m experiencing some problems with my premium right now, but I’ll be emailing Auxy support with help for this. However, I don’t see myself leaving Auxy anytime soon. This is an amazing DAW, and although some of its decisions don’t benefit everyone, I get what they’re trying to do. :slight_smile:


Name a company that hasn’t made a mistake. Name a flawless company. Didn’t think you could. Yes, we should have known they would make such a drastic change to the application, yet they did not let us know, unfortunately. They are attempting to make up for it by extending the ability to use the sounds until June 1st, they’re making up for it and every Auxy user should realize their efforts.

As for the subscription, Auxy is quite affordable for its capabilities. For example the top-notch automations included but not limited to lowpass, highpass and reverb. I am a supporter of the subscription, and everyone who uses Auxy and enjoys the application should support it (if possible) as well.

Thank you, to the developers, I enjoy Auxy and will continue to support Auxy as best of my ability.


it seems like a lot of you, not all, but a good number of you are not aware that there are other AMAZING music production apps for iOS iPad and iPhone. But guess what? They cost money. Korg Gadget - 30 or 40 bucks one time purchase. Groovebox- free to try but about 20 bucks to unlock all functions. Grooverider - 19 bucks one time, etc, etc. So feel free to be overly dramatic about not using Auxy anymore but know that it ain’t much cheaper elsewhere and count yourself lucky to have used it fully for free as long as you did. Because Auxy being free and being as good as it is, was always the exception NOT the rule when it comes to competent iOS music apps.


But what is the point in making you pay for sounds that we’re originally in the app, that is gonna just draw customers away, which means less money, which means more struggle

Think about it probably gonna make them earn less than they already do, what I said was harsh but it makes sense