Why we're replacing the demo sounds


Hi everyone,

We’d like to apologize for not giving you a proper heads-up before replacing the demo sounds! We’ve learned that this has been perceived as a rather hostile move due to the poor communication from our side.

Simply put, we screwed up and for this we’re sorry!

To remedy the situation, the “Original” sound pack has been unlocked and will remain free until the 1st of June. The pack will appear in the list of packs that require subscription, but you should still be able to select sounds and edit your old projects without limitations.

From June onward, Auxy will be a premium product with a very limited set of demo sounds. The reason we’re removing the free tier is pretty straightforward: We need the people who love and use the app regularly to also pay to support it. Otherwise we won’t be able to maintain and develop it further.

To clarify our ambition, we’d like to reiterate what we wrote in our post about the future of Auxy:

Auxy has come a long way but we still have many exciting things on the roadmap. Our biggest motivation is the magical feeling we get when we hear great new tracks from producers who work hard to push their music forward. We’re fully committed to support these producers who, like us, are determined to shape the future of music.

Feel free to share your feedback below and we’ll do our best to clarify our thinking!

/ Henrik & Fredrik


Does this mean I cannot use the app for free anymore?
Yes! From June 1st you will have to get a subscription to use Auxy in a meaningful way.

What if I have purchased sound packs?
If you bought any of the sound packs in a previous version, you will always have access to these sounds, as well as the original sounds. Regardless of whether you subscribe or not.

Auxy 5.1.0 Update/Feedback
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Premium subscription feedback

So in other words auxy won’t be free anymore


Yes! Wasn’t that clear?


so does this mean that if I bought RAC and 7 Skies they won’t be available anymore along with the original demo sounds like Mist or Dollar or Subway?


If you ever purchased a sound pack you will have access to the pack and the original sounds regardless of whether you subscribe or not.


Thank you for this! This was definitely a step in the right direction.


Thanks for clarifying.


Aw man…I can’t use auxy?
Too young to pay for apps…
But I understand.


Thank you for making this decision and rectifying the problems with what took place. It’s tough to go back on a decision like this.

I fully support Auxy moving forward, but I am sad to see that the future of auxy is not what I personally would envision. If only this were a perfect world xD

I hope that any future changes to the app will now be made known in advance, so users will be prepared for whatever changes may occur at this point.


A right step into the right direction, I say it as an amateur musician <3


Thank you for this!


(I made this account just to type this)
I really don’t like this, I always thought of Auxy as a fun, free app to make quick songs without being too advanced. So i liked making a quick track everyday for the past year and a half. I also liked the updates that add more to Auxy, without making it too complex. But now i see Auxy is trying to be more like garageband, which is not what I want to happen. And it also doesn’t really work for me in that way, because now you have thousands of sounds, but still can’t import your own instruments, add your own voice and much more. And you have to pay a price for something incomplete… If Auxy really wants to be more complex and more professional I rather just use FL studio as a professional DAW, or even garageband, which for most people is free! But for someone that likes to make quick tracks every now and then without too much complexity or having to pay (like me) there are no clear alternatives other the Auxy I have now.

I understand the decision, but I really don’t like it.


I feel you man, I really do. But it’s the devs. They do what they want (or need for that matter).


I am a fan of buying Auxy in the early days.
However, the sound pack is not purchased.

Therefore, the demo sound will not be used in the future.
Many do not want.
I want you to be able to use what was used at the time of purchase.

It is like a hostage to be able to use it if you don’t start subscription.
Please do not abandon the initial fan.


Thank you for this!

However, one major problem. I’m facing a VERY big bug. @lenberg @Fredrik

I had my subscription till May 4, I believe. However, as I’m checking right now, it finished. I only have the packs I purchased before 5.0 and the OG/Demo sounds.

I know I only had a few days left, but I was planning to finish up a song with premium. This is unfair. :\


You definitely have internet access, so its not like the problem i have sometimes
after an update, if you open Auxy offline, it isnt able to verify your subscription and so… you get stuck unable to edit tracks at that time


Thank you for this. Thank you for listening to your paying customers and making things right.

I am disappointed but understandings of this decision. I will keep my yearly subscription and hope to see Auxy continue to progress


Guess I’m done using auxy then.


now i can agree with that