Why wasn’t Auxy THIS in the beginning?

This was auxys first video, and I really wish we had some of these sounds and features frok the beginning and I just want to know, what ever happened to all these awesome EDM sounds and why wernt they there at launch? @Auxy

Here’s the track in the vid:


Huh, this actually looks more like the current version of Auxy than the released 1.0 does

Speaking of cut Auxy for iPhone features:

• Soundpacks were already in to an extent since v1.0, including unused view layout code for the page you would have purchased them on. They’re actually fully functional in at least v2.0 if future version sound pack data is forcefully bundled with the app, but weren’t officially purchasable until v3.0.

• Auxy 2.0 was supposed to ship with 3 new soundpacks: 7 Skies Leads (“7lead”), 7 Skies Basses (“7bass”), and “Waves”. Unused news text states “Today we’re releasing 3 new sound packs that you can purchase and download in our store. We’re excited to work with such fine collaborators.” I’m assuming some of the sounds featured in this video would have made it to these packs, but they were never released for an unknown reason, opting to release Signature Pianos instead over six months later and waiting until the third for a proper 7 Skies pack (excluding original sounds).


This must be the beta version of Auxy for iPhone. I remember this UI back when the icon was orange/red


Do you have it on an old phone by any chance? This stuff is literally lost to time, it was never published to the App Store

Yeah it was back in 2015

Yeah I remember the first ever sound pack was the piano one.

But my assumption is that 7skies beta tester the app with his signature sounds and then Didn’t consent for them to be used in the app? I’m not sure it doesn’t make sense as he provides sounds for serum and stuff. Those were the sounds for the track I provided ^ it’s pretty shameful that we wernt able to use high quality sounds like that from the beginning, Auxy was clearly capable of that sort of bank.

Overall I’ve always been disappointed with auxys sound bank as it’s not as “EDM” or diverse as it could have been.


The released Auxy 1.0 had a lighter grey background and more reddish color scheme. This beta version features darker blue hues instead, just like the current version of Auxy

Im not talking about the structure I’m talking about the sounds