Why Producer Names?


Sup homies.

I’m new to the Auxy world and this forum. I started using it just last week and found it crazy easy to wrap my head around it, and it’s incredibly easy to bang out my ideas on the go. I’ll probably be dropping my first track next week or so. :v:

One thing that is interesting is that pretty much everyone goes by a “producer name” here. Other than for the sake of privacy on the forum, what’s the other advantages for going by a producer name? Most of my bros just go by their real name.


The music industry is full of famous musicians who use an alias. They’re choosing a name to enhance their popularity, because - let’s face it - “Jason Brown” isn’t exciting. (Sorry to anyone named Jason Brown). For example , Bruno Mars is actually Peter Gene Hernandez, etc.

In this forum, there’s a range of talent levels and many of us are casual bedroom musicians, so not everyone will want their real name to be known.

Is ripper your real name? :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum.


@MisterMaster, thanks for the response. :grin: I’m playing with different ways to release my material including using an alias, using a project name specifically for Auxy stuff (eg. Mark Guiliana releases his original music under the project name “BEAT MUSIC”), etc. So I was just curious about the reasoning behind everyone here.

Maybe I should change my name to “Ripper Johnson.” :laughing:


What MM said :slight_smile: it’s no different than an author using a pen name. Mark Twain was Samuel Langhorne Clemens, or Charles Dodgson was Lewis Carroll.

Personally, mine is a play on my full name. Some people here do similar.


John the Ripper

(Or perhaps John the Shredder would be more amusing XD


My producer name is my nickname my friends gave me.


My username is basically my “universal” username that I use all the time.

I got it as a joke for my dad, when I was making an account for Xbox Live. I was gonna change it, but I couldn’t think of another username.


I’ve stated why I made my name in another post some time ago, but to restate what I’ve said, the reason why my username is Azure Onyxscore is because they’re my favorite color combination. Azure=Blue, Onyx=Black.

The “score” in my username is left over from my previous username, LemonSpy_, the underscore is what I kept from that username and decided to use part of that word in my new username.


Lol, when I made a Xbox acc, I couldn’t think of a name. I also thought that 4 letter usernames were awesome. So I came up with this. People ask me what the meaning is, like, “ is it Extra Large?” But it has no meaning. Also it’s NOT my Auxy Disco Username, idk how to change that, it’s XLXK if it wasn’t clear by the Profile Pic


lol… I never thought of that. That’s unfortunate. If XLXK isn’t taken here I’ll change it for you… because yeah… xxx_d is kind of an unfortunate username :frowning:


That would be awesome!


It’s interesting to see what artists went by a real name and a producer name as well. Both Michael Jackson and Phil Collins went by their actual names, but as you noted there are many that don’t. I think it also has to do with creating a sort of brand recognition. Although to be fair, Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson because of the Jackson 5, if that wasn’t the case perhaps that wouldn’t be the case.


TLDR – some people use their real name, some don’t. Deal with it


In this community it’s mostly to protect your identity


I feel I need to be protected from you lot you’re class A hooligans :exploding_head:


Being recognizable as well as hiding your identity. In my case, at least.
Also makes it shorter.
No one wants to type “Jonathan Bjornsson new song” into a search engine. It’s better to do something short.

tl;dr - idrk


That’s such a sick meaning. Now I knkw why all ur artwork is blue and black. What language are those colours in?


What do you mean?


I chose my name by random. I just stuck with it because I liked it, a lot. Lime is also one of my favorite fruits, though I’ve never eaten a real one, I have had tortilla chips with lime seasoning on them, and they were unimaginably good, you couldn’t imagine how good they were.



Azure and onyx… what language?