Why do the sound packs keep being so similar?

i would be too by the same logic let’s not forget

That’s why I was self aware… if we’re talking any others tho, Euphoric Memories was the last that got me excited

But since then, I’ve found that even in the packs that’s haven’t been as initially excited about due to sounds that sounded the same I’ve been able to find and shape sounds to unique timbres


exactly. some of these sounds are identical to eachother. i feel like the devs are just pumping out low grade sounds to hide the fact auxy is dying and they don’t have the guts to fix it


They seem like they’re getting lazy and don’t want to even come see what the auxy community thinks anymore


So I didn’t want to type this message, but I’ve seen so many discussions about the Auxy devs recently, so I gotta join one.:wink:

I do agree, we have some similar sounds, and I want more versatile packs (like neuro basses😏).

Have to disagree one this one, I got reposted 5 times and made it to staff picks twice, even though I make drum and bass. It might seem like almost only those genres gets reposted but that is because there are more future bass and synthwave tracks made in Auxy than other genres.

Also, not true. Distortion can do a lot if you experiment a lot. I sometimes use distortion on chords stabs for silk for example, it can really help.

Also not really true, I’ve made neuro basses with bitcrusher, and it doesn’t sound pixelly. If you use the crusher, then it’ll sound pixelly.

@Dadmother is a perfect example of someone that pushes the boundaries of Auxy, what’s possible and what the limits are on this app.

There’s really a lot possible with Auxy, I’ve noticed recently there’s even more possible. You just need to experiment and be patient.:slightly_smiling_face:


i mean sure you can make a good variety of sounds with the current options given, but i guess what people are also asking is why not just give people these sounds that they are bending the app around to make.

As dadmo said, he CAN make a whole lotta sick guitar/metal/rock sounds with the given instruments, but it was a long road to get to that point and a lot of tweaking with instruments to create one guitar. Why not just give dadmo the guitar.
Saves a lot of time and lets people actually do what the app was designed for, to have ideas you can create/put down on-the-go, not “sound design for an hour for a ____ sound”. At that point, just get a desktop daw or any other of the more complex and purpose built apps for that.

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(this may be a bit off tangent, but it kinda relates to sounds being similar mixed in with a “why i dont really use auxy a whole lot anymore” bit)

I’ve kinda had a similar experience with auxy sounds, even more so since i never used anything other then the demo sounds, so i feel like i hit that wall of “everything sounds the same” a bit sooner than most other people. It was getting hard for me to want to put more time and effort into the app to create a new sound or the one i was thinking of.
Eventually I found myself stepping away from auxy and opting to use garageband (now ableton) more often than opening the app up because i could have access to all the things i wanted from auxy without having to deal with tweaking all the parameters to create a new sound. I can make a gnarly bass preset and save it for later for instant access. I already have a very heavy/metal-style guitar i can just drop in and get to writing stuff with without having to tweak much. Granted ableton and garageband offer more natively than what auxy does, but I wouldn’t have put down auxy if it wasn’t for that wall i hit (which i think is the same one that people on the subscription are hitting now).

At this point it takes me less time to start/write a track in ableton than it does for me in auxy just because im fiddling around with the sounds and drums so much (granted the drum problem would probably be better if i had the subscription to just import all my drums).

I originally thought it was weird when some of the older auxy og’s decided to leave the community because they had “grown out” of the app. I was like “it’s a great tool. why just ditch it entirely?”, but now I think I get what they mean.


Some sound packs are similar, it’s not a hard question to answer. If you look closely though, there is an incredible amount of variety in terms of instruments and whatnot. What distinguishes experienced producers is how they can manipulate those seemingly “similar” sounds to be different.

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I totally agree, I have decided to let my subscription lapse as I move on to nanostudio 2 and ableton. I’ll just have my old sound packs once it ends.


But what about the person picking up Auxy/music production for the first time?
Isn’t that also who the app is geared towards?

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The pro moniker is a little confusing though. Maybe I’m just reading the tea leaves a bit too literally…


I agree with you about the constant similarities between the sound packs. (Even though I am interested in creating future bass and possibly synthwave) I do, however, encourage you to keep your subscription and wait a couple more months for the Auxy team to respond to the sudden wave of complaints that have surfaced over the past week or two. I think they will change for the better very soon now that all these complaints and recommendations have been made. But then again, maybe they will continue to keep their heads buried in the sand to all the comments the Auxy community makes.

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I definitely agree that the app is geared towards an audience newer to music production, but I’m not sure exactly what you mean here… All I’m saying is that there is a lot of variety among sounds, and there’s nothing wrong with using them stock. It just takes practice to tweak them in a way unique to your style and to make them sound different than all the other instruments. For a new user, similar sounding instruments shouldn’t be a problem or a roadblock. As they progress, they will learn which ones they like and how to work with them.

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you literally said that some of the sounds are similar.

I dont have a problem with the sounds themselves, but as the thread title suggests, people are starting to find a lot of the sounds in new packs are more like rehashes of older sounds instead of providing people with new sounds.

The devs should just give out the sounds people want to have instead of making everyone jump through hoops to find some convoluted way to make it. They aren’t catering to the new audiences that just want to have the sounds they want to have available.

At that point you really aren’t offering anything that other apps or synths don’t already have. I would rather just find an app with a sampler or said instruments as presets and use that.

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I see what you mean, and I need to clarify, as, now looking at it, it isn’t so obvious.

What I meant to say is that there is a lot of variety in the types of instruments. For example, we have all sorts of basses, pads, strings, guitars, bass guitars, pluck and mallet things, keys, etc. However, many of the instruments in each of these subcategories sound similar to other instruments in the same subcategory.

Now, to your point, “the devs should just give out the sounds people want instead of making everyone jump through hoops to find some convoluted way to make it.”

Do the other programs and synthesizers you mention actually come with the sounds you want as presets? If so, that may be great for you, but more experienced producers will consider the presets that you used as “stock”. I can’t think of a single developer that provides every single preset you want, and if they do, you’re going to fall into the same rut eventually, when you want more advanced sounds than the stock presets: “Why can’t the devs just program the sounds in (insert synthesizer plugin) for me??”

Every single producer that I can think of has their own way of making their sounds, and from an outsider’s perspective, it looks like jumping through hoops, and “convoluted”. To the artist though, they know their sound in and out and don’t jump through hoops to make it.

Sounds aren’t everything, and Auxy is nowhere close to a synthesizer. You’re paying for the workflow and the availability of on-the-go music making. The app doesn’t claim to be an advanced DAW with every single feature or preset out there.

If you want a powerful synthesizer, you’re looking in the wrong place. If you want more presets that fit your needs, get a desktop DAW and plugins that have a larger preset library and click a few times.


Those some fantastic points

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I absolutely agree they shouldn’t provide every single sound conceivable, that’s not what i’m asking. But people have asked for certain sounds/genres, with there being a whole thread about what the community wants to see sound wise, and every month when it comes to releasing a new pack, none of those wishes are ever fulfilled.

Sorry to keep bringing up dadmo here, but

That’s a year and a half that i’m sure a lot of people, regardless if you’re new or old, would rather there just be a preset for that you can then dial further. No one should have to spend a year and a half to make a guitar that I can pull up and tweak in a few seconds as a preset.
(instead of making everyone have to go through a 12 step process for a sound with all of its individual tweaks, give them up to step 6 and let them figure out/tweak the rest)

Another example is @Twizard. They’ve been asking for neuro basses forever since auxy doesn’t really have options when it comes to those types of sounds. They’ve been working on them quite a bit in auxy, but since they’ve picked up FL, I’ve already heard a handful of crazy neuro/reese basses from their wips n stuff.

I understand that people should try to learn the in’s and out’s of auxy and figure out it’s capabilities, but creating hurdles for everyone that could be easily solved with a sound pack feels like it takes away from the “easy to learn” idea of the app.

btw, I dont think you’re “wrong” or something like that, just 2 different perspectives on the same topic here.

(apologies if the content of my replies feel like they’re jumping around. I’m not a great at knowing how to flow stuff)


Yeah but we need sounds like that so people who arnt as good at sound design can have sounds like that

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I realize I interpreted your previous reply incorrectly. My bad. I agree here, and I definitely think instruments better suited for a wider variety of genres than we already have would be great. The dadmo/twizard examples are great for this.

Now that I think about it, it took me a while to get the bass layers right for cyberpunk styled tracks that I’m hoping to release soon. Almost 3 months of on-and-off work before I was satisfied, I think. About half of that was learning the composition of the genre, but the other half was learning how to manipulate basses. I think for that specific example, there are some instruments that clearly stand out as ready for the job, like panda and scorpio, but others weren’t as obvious. I’ve also had the same experience trying to make a clean Reese base, and while beam seems like the obvious choice, it just gets muddy whenever I try to work with it. (Maybe it’s just me).

My process certainly wasn’t as time intensive as Dadmo’s, though. I think it just comes down to the genre of music you’re trying to make, and how far the available instruments are from what you’re trying to make.

I don’t really think the devs are purposely trying to create hurdles here though. In my opinion, the hurdles have already been there in that we haven’t been able to make such sounds from the beginning. Adding new sound packs creates potential to overcome those hurdles, but at the same time, they may not do much if the sounds themselves are not contributing towards “overcoming the hurdle”.

Honestly, I’m liking this discussion. I also don’t think you’re wrong. While I do see things from a different perspective, I definitely agree with your points.


This is the kind of dialogue that we should see regularly, folks. :+1: