Why do the sound packs keep being so similar?

seriously. all we’ve had in the past year almost is fluttery 80s vintage retro uwu sounds. are we ever actually gonna get anything else? i and many other users of this program take no pleasure in creating music like future bass and synthwave and i’m considering cancelling my subscription and looking for other ways to produce because my needs aren’t being met. what happened to disturbing leads? panic attack? those were some good soundpacks


I’d like you to check again because there have been only 3 dedicated “retro” packs and the rest have had anything from vocal samples, organic, drums, house leads, your precious panic attack, a sub bass pack, fried risers (which I barely hear ANYONE use) and plenty more. Just because retrowave producers like me use some of the more versatile sounds often does NOT mean they can’t be used for other things. I honestly don’t think anyone who complains about the sound library is trying hard enough to shape the instruments to their needs. I’m all for more diverse sound packs and I do agree there have been a lot of similar sounds released, but I won’t stand for someone bashing retrowave because we have been able to put in the effort and adapt better than the other genres. I promise these sounds are worth exploring for all uses. It just takes effort and commitment, which as a musician I’d hope you have.

one last point: as a feedback host in the AC, I’ve heard a myriad of NON-retro or future bass genres (many heavy experimental and trap genres included) for the past year coming from the same sounds you complain as being single use for those styles…


I want some electric guitars or classical sounds like harpsichord.


we have electric guitars


I mean rock guitars

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well it’s not hard to get that sound. you need to play around with the distortion for awhile before it sounds right.


It doesn’t sound the same as a real one


Well me have Melt, Frenzy, and Metal Slag.


Those are bass guitars


I’m gonna have to agree with Peregrihn, except some fresher bass instruments would be nice


IKR, this has been addressed many times but now that there’s a thread I am glad.

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Retro wave is a minority genre and with a music production app, you want to be able to appeal to a whole community of producers. It is quite difficult to use anything for some clean basic house or dance chords because after a while, you’ve used up all the basics (silk, climb, some pianos or vintage keyboards even). It’s actually quite hard to make sounds the way you want them in auxy because there aren’t a lot of options. I actually liked it better when there was tone and shape. The distortion doesn’t do many of the old sounds justice. Furthermore, when you can see similarities between sounds, you can tell things are not going to appeal to most people.

When you realize they sound like other sounds we have

Genesis = velvet (standard dev)

Tristan and Freya both kind of sound like fantasy and pixel (game waves)

Balsam = pouch and patina (odd makeup)

These sounds are basically just 1/2 newish and 1/2 re-synthesized previous sounds.

Just because one genre is still able to be produced on auxy does not mean that most people want to produce that genre. There are all sorts of producers here, from classical to EDM to dubstep and most of their requests for new sound packs have been ignored. These packs mostly all sound like retro sounds, imma be honest and I have to agree with @Aqzi because if we’re all paying money for sounds but we don’t get new original sounds, what’s the point. There aren’t many good hard leads either. It’s already difficult to balance sounds in auxy due to limited mastering, so we need some more loud strong sounds. Chord instruments have been a recurring request as well as some powerful electronic leads. If you read the
Thread, you will see that many people also agree that the sound quality is going down. I’m afraid you might be in the minority here @Peregrihn and @Tolberto


I don’t think you fully understand what I’m saying. I said I DONT want everyone to make retrowave. These sounds are NOT specifically retrowave. There are many ways you can shape them to other genres and I know this because I’ve heard it in many peoples works. I think you’re in the minority on this one.

The main problem is people being lazy about their use of sounds. It takes layering and messing with macros. You just have to get used to it. That’s what a person with a real DAW would tell you as well


The label on an instrument doesn’t mean anything when you can pitch it differently and change its parameters. I’ve heard many people find success in creating electric guitars with these sounds. Ask @Dadmother.


I have also read that thread and agree with many of the points addressed about functionality and communication but those complaining about sound content need to take a second look at what we have and have we can manipulate them


I use them for rock.

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They’re all presets with very few options for sound change. You can’t saturate. There’s 3 types of distortion but bitcrusher just makes sounds pixelly, the first one is similar to shape on some sounds but has unnecessary background white noise and sineshaper gives sounds a stab. None of these are good for chords. You need a simple clean instrument for that and it might even be easier to synthesize (if auxy had a synth). Tweaking these sounds in such a shallow way is not enough. As I hope some of us want to move to other more advanced daws, my experience with other daws is that there is actually stuff to play around with. We have the same 9 settings to change on any and every instrument and that does not leave diversity (daws like ableton can have upwards of 50 sound editors). I know you want to protect auxy, but I this scenario I don’t see a reason of doing so. We are all paying money so don’t you also want to see some more diverse sounds that let you try new things. I have played around with most of the sounds in auxy and I can never get them to sound much better than they do. That’s why I use older instruments, because they were released in a time when the devs gave us more diversity.


I never said i dont want more divese sounds, i just dont like it when people complain about the things that we have been given, things that are easily changed with time and effort. I have seen no such problems with other people’s projects and their endeavors to get the sounds to be diverse. maybe you’re not spending enough time combing through the sounds and testing effects, layering, and mixing. it takes work and not everything is gonna come easy


Okay, so:

I will absolutely agree that a lot of the newer soundpacks that we’ve been given have begun to sound almost like rehashed collections of sounds that we’ve already been given. I understand that frustration, and I’m certainly feeling it myself.


As someone who has hardly dabbled with retrowave or any of the various subgenres, I’ve found many uses for a lot of these sounds by tweaking and bending them to fit the sound I’m trying to find. While I know something like that is entirely subjective and individualized, I think that serves as some small testament to the versatility of the sounds we’ve been given.

Purely for example:

  • I use a bitcrush distorted Bitty/Mental layered sound to create a solo electric guitar sound. Mental creates the overall tone for the guitar, while Bitty’s square lead pitch envelope gives me that little “punch” that serves as an aggressive pluck, while also filling in some the sonic gaps with the presence that Mental can lack. This is not ideal for any musician, but I’ve made it work for me.

  • I’ve used a lowpassed, distorted Vizor to create some more “growl” when creating power chords for heavier guitar tracks.

  • I’ve used various elements of the Save The Ocean pack to aid in atmospheric elements for post-rock-adjacent tracks I’ve made/worked on.

There are definitely more examples to share, but not right off the top of my head. 2019 was one of the most productive years I’ve ever had in terms of music, and most of that was due to examining each sound and tweaking everything I could possibly tweak on it. 2019 was when I finally settled into the creation of (in my opinion) quality rock/metal tracks using Auxy, something that I think is pretty against the grain for what the devs had in mind when these sounds were presented to us. Creating rock and metal-oriented tracks in Auxy was a trial-and-error exercise for like a year and a half before I finally dialed in on sounds that really worked and gave those projects life.

I understand the frustration, 100%. But it’s that frustration that led me to really examine each of these sounds and tweak and bend and warp them to something that works for what I’m trying to do. I’m not saying that it’s going to work each and every time, because it won’t. But I’ve found time and time again that these sounds at their stock level are not representative of the sounds that they can be turned into. I think that can be said for just about any sound for any DAW. I have no intention of sounding like I’m trying to show off or highlight my work, I just mean to emphasize that I was able to implement what appeared to fairly similar-sounding packs into a variety of wildly different applications.

With all of that said, things like this are entirely subjective. What matters is that your needs are not being met, and that is a perfectly valid reason to be frustrated. I’d implore you to mess around with every knob, setting, and slider on these packs.

@EVERANGE, @Aqzi, you are both very talented artists with a lot to offer. I hope you’re able to find the sounds you’re looking for!


There is already 2 pack of guitars

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