Why do many vehicles not play projects?

I work at a small dealership. I drive/move around a lot of trucks. I’ve noticed that many trucks don’t want to play my tracks as an Auxy project.

So, I’m curious - what type of file do vehicles see Auxy projects as?

Is there a work around for this?


EDIT: To clarify - I’m talking about trying to play an actual project in the Auxy app :slight_smile:

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I mean it’s kinda hard to use, but it mostly works… having problems with Link though.


I think it depends on what cord you have…? Theres only really one cord that works for me when I play my tracks in the car. I think its an apple one? idk

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Not quite sure what you’re asking here… are you wondering why the vehicle’s operating system isn’t capable of running the Auxy iOS app? If so, you might want to keep your eye on the Apple Car.

In the interest of getting you an actual answer, I would recommend providing more information about how you are playing the audio, whether its through an AUX cable, bluetooth, or lightning, and steps you have already taken to troubleshoot the issue.

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I’m also not sure exactly what you’re asking here, but I’ll take a guess and answer. Auxy project files (.axp files) aren’t actually audio files. If you go to iCloud Drive and look at your backups folder for example, you can’t play your track from a given project by just opening the project file in drive. For playing your tracks in the car, what works best for me is connecting via Bluetooth or aux cable and using your device as an audio output. Then, you just play your track directly from the app.

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I’m talking about opening Auxy, opening a project and pressing play. It won’t play in many of the vehicle at work. Even my mom’s 2019 Jeep.

The vehicle will automatically try to play something from my music library. I press pause. Play in Auxy. Silence. Then the song from library will automatically start playing again.

Yet, it works just fine in my car. And yeah, I use an iphone cord or bluetooth.

I’m talking about in Auxy, opening a project and pressing play. It won’t play in many of the vehicle at work. Even my mom’s 2019 Jeep.

Yet, it works just fine in my car. I use an iphone cord or bluetooth.

Sorry I am I missing something? lol
What’s kinda hard to use but it works?

Wired or Bluetooth?

if bluetooth then you gotta check if the audio is being received from the device itself or from a dedicated app (spotify, itunes), because most vehicles have a dedicated bluetooth function for apps and will not play any audio unless its receiving the audio from the specific app. It should run via direct bluetooth.

if wired that just means its not compatible, or that the audio is not sending to the right path in the vehicles sound system.

I am totally just being an idiot. Look very closely at the picture I posted lol…

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lol wow I didn’t notice that