Why did you start making music?


I like that because it is true, the very few perfect things in this world is math and music.


That’s right. Done correctly math is always accurate, and music is made up of math and numbers. Half steps whole steps. Time signature. Repeating patterns. Every sound has its own set of frequencies.




there’s alot more to that but sure



Alternate alternate reason: because none of the other music is good enough for my standards

Alternate alternate alternate reason: Because there’s dubstep stuck in my head and I NEED TO GET IT OUT

Alternate alternate alternate alternate reason: Well I like this song but there’s this one part that I would change…

Alternate alternate alternate alternate alternate reason: I wanna be like that guy


You’re right. There’s variety in music too. It doesn’t have to be so rigid, strict. It’s cool to change it up in the second verse. An extra snare will add a nice touch. A few FX here and there don’t have a pattern of frequencies, but they sound good nonetheless, if done correctly.


The reason I started making music on auxy was because for a while I had been making piano compositions and I wanted to expand on what I worked on, I stumbled upon the old green app for iPad and then found it on phone, and here I am!


When I was younger I had this thought: "what if the melodies in my head could be turned into actual songs…"
I had already been using GarageBand since ever since I had been able to tap buttons, but I didn’t feel like I was really making music. (This was because I only used loops provided by GarageBand) Then one day (like last summer) I found Auxy.
I think like a lot of people on Auxy, music is an outlet to express all the frustrating feelings you have inside. I want someone to listen to my music and feel understood…If that makes any sense.