Why did you start making music?




I bought the old Auxy iPad app to mess around with a few years ago and I didn’t stop so here I am.


Mostly to impress girls.


Ha ha! I wish my music could. One of my friends was telling me about how he showed my music to one of his friends, and she said, “This sounds like elevator music.” sigh
she’s the fourth person to say that.

(P.S. i make future bass music.)


I love listening to music and playing music (only to family members and some friends :rofl: ). Sometimes I had a beat in my head and I wanted to try and make something out of it. You can figure out what happened next. :wink:


Elevuture bassusic.


That’s more accurate tbh.


I grew up around a grand piano, with a great deal of classical/jazz, so I was composing by age 3 and music became my internal language. By age 11-ish I felt overwhelmed by the sense that what I was creating could be judged and scrutinized, so I stopped. Over time, the artificial distinction between music and sound was blurred, and by my teenage years most of my spare time was spent messing with tape recorders, electronics, and microphones. At some point I realized that most of what I wanted to hear or create with music/sound had already been done far more effectively by others, so I spent a couple decades just listening, digging into every genre I could find. Finally, in late 2015 I bought a piano and for a year stopped listening to other people’s music, and started making music again. I discovered Auxy in this period, and was lucky to find some great music made by others on the same “instrument”. What I create now is what forms in my head that I can’t find anywhere else: a multi-threaded mish-mash of genres, old themes, and meaningful sounds.

So I make music because I have to – it’s just what my brain does when left to its own devices. It’s therapy and trauma and life and death and everything else.


Hear hear!


I started on naive terms. Back in 2016 if there was a certain type of melody I wanted to hear I’d just jazz it up on Auxy. Discovered the connection to soundcloud in June that year and I fixated on the goal of wanting to become recognized within what was then a very small and loosely-connected community.

Fast forward to late 2017 and I’ve gained quite a lot of traction. I had pretty much set a consistent mood for my music back then and there weren’t too many outliers for me. My vision shifted - instead of just wanting to hit it big and become recognized I saw music as this sort of mystical, magical hobby and I became extremely invested in it. There were some weeks in spring and summer 2018 that I spent up to 5 or 6 hours per day just experimenting and trying to find new grounds to improve my style. It’s so relaxing just to sit down with a cup of tea or hot chocolate or what-have-you and simply just work on an auxy song, and since I had a lot of free time back in those seasons that’s where I usually found myself.

Being the average teenager my main hobby of course was video games, and for a long while I valued video games as something more fun/interesting than making music using auxy. As time progressed, I found myself more and more engrossed with auxy that I came to an epiphany in the later months of 2018 that sitting down and making auxy on a rainy saturday morning brought more joy to me than, say, playing video games in that same time period, something I never thought would happen.

It was then that I knew auxy was more than just a lever to project myself onto the stream of famous producers or whatnot – it became an escape; a pastime to be fully enjoyed, and since then I’ve embraced the feeling of sitting down and relaxing with some auxy. I think that state of mind has greatly benefitted the style of my sound because I’ve pretty much stuck to chill genres and expanded upon the known. It’s been a wonderful journey and as cheesy as it sounds I probably wouldn’t be where I am today mentally speaking, physically speaking, etc. I just wouldn’t have a hobby or something I was very good at. Or I dunno, maybe I would’ve taken up digital photography or something who knows :wink:

What’s important is that I’ve really found a quiet place to sort of straighten my brain/mood out whenever I’m stressed, and as a bonus I’ve been treated to a wonderful community :slight_smile:





I heard songs that I wondered how they were made, or could have been so much better. I was so interested in what music production looked like that I just dived in with music apps for my phone and Youtube videos.


My dad said “hey look a thing”

I decided to use the thing

I could not stop because it was so epic

Fast forward about two years. Hi!


Yo same except I still like video games :joy:


I think it would do the exact opposite :joy:


I’ve been involved in music since 4th grade, and even before that i was a pretty musical kid.

I guess after a few years I thought I’d try my hand at a new kind. Strangely enough, that’s around the time Auxy 1.0 was released :sweat_smile:

I was enthralled, and starting using it right away. That being said, I wasn’t particularly good with music, but I had my fun nonetheless!

Now I make music to make others feel just that but happier, and that’s probably why all my songs are upbeat haha

No matter the reason, you should try to have fun with your music ^^


I just remember as a child I was looking up to artists and just thinking I wanna be like that one day. Here I am now living my dream!


the reason why i started the expedition is basically to have fun and have a new experience on some of the new music being produced today.

this community is inevitable and it’s awesome to hear new flavors and varieties.



damn you called it an “expedition”, never heard that before but now i’m gonna call it that too


Its the only way I can create a picture/story in someones head that looks neat