Why did you start making music?


I’ve been in a crisis lately, I’ve found it hard for myself to discuss topics like this but I just had to ask really. What motivates you to make combinations of sounds to impress those around you? Or what motivates you to make it for yourself?


Hmm i have started tonproduce music because i didn’t have spotify :joy:
I think it’s the major reason
But i have started discover music a long time ago , all my family work in the sphere of music !
And then i have start when i had 7 Yo , with 120 BPM a little apps on the iPhone 1 ! Then i continu with DM1 and then with garage band and then with Auxy ! And now i trying to use Flstudio , but all of my produce are made with Auxy


Simply because - I have to. It’s something I feel I need to do, regardless of who listens


For me, I do it because I enjoy it. It’s a beautiful form of art that relieves stress. Once I found that I had talent in music, I decided to harness it and multiply it.


No idea. But sometimes you don’t know the reason you enjoy something so much. And thats how you know you really do enjoy it, because there’s no other reason than ‘just because.’


my cousin introduced me to auxy and i couldn’t stop after then


I started making music because of Nintendo. Also, both my brothers were DJs so I left like I had to carry on that new tradition because they sadly stopped making mixes.


Kinda what @V-M said. It relieves stress and kinda makes me forget about the world for a second. (Maybe that’s why my phone says I use auxy 2 and a half hours a day😅) Plus it’s really fun to make music.


The average person spends 47%+ Of their lives daydreaming.
It’s alway seemed like such a waste to keep that locked in your own phaneron to me. I found myself trying to find more ways to try and pull my daydreams out of my mind. Thus far I’ve used illustrations and music to try and experience my daydreams outside of my minds eye.
Sadly it’s never the same, so it’s another dragon to chase for a while.


Some people daydream because it’s impossible for them to ever experience their hopes and dreams, but I’m glad you made yours a reality.


I’ve always had a “musical” interest, growing up around house and trance and all that stuff. I’ve alwasy had rhythm and a general interest in listening to music. Me and my ffsmily would alwasy play a “game” where we’d say which movie the song was from. When I was in prep my music teacher asked the class a question about music and I was the only kid who could answer. I don’t remember the question but my response was “it repeats itself” i think it was something like what’s common in every song or something idk.

Getting more into the story, in 2014 when I was 12, I was going through the App Store and discovered Auxy, and from there I messed around with loops that didn’t even sound good, didn’t even have rhythm, didn’t have any knowledge of music production. Until I began to analyse music and re structure it with Auxy. From that point on I’ve developed form myself and inspired myself with my music. I’ve gotten so much better from when I started and it’s an amazing journey I’ll alwasy continue to endeavour.

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Passion boi…


Very poetic… I like it


I guess it’s another way for me to vent, similar to how xxxTentation writes wrote his music.


correction wrote rip x


I’m not a very fun person or I never knew how to dance. Fuujiya was basically a escape into a new reality were as though the music was very uplifting to tragedies I’ve experienced before. Im proving that although you don’t know how to do most things having a passion for one can flourish into a new bright idea. Having this ability to make amazing & wondrous music has been my goal.


I started making music in 2015


24 h using Auxy per 10 days ! Omg i’m so crazy :0 x)


I’m gonna be honest it’s weird. I have always seemed to fall away from everything else when I make music. I will sit for hours producing nonstop. I’ve also had points where I was uninspired for months. I got a keyboard for my 5th birthday that I still use to this day, and it was what let me begin to make music freely.


idk gods plan