Why can’t I import this sample?

So I have a sample that I am trying to import into a song but it just won’t let me. I have checked all the requirements: less than 20 seconds, wav file, in the correct folder. All it tells me when I try to import the sample is “Import Failed, The sample could not be loaded.” Is this a bug? Could there be anything inherently wrong with the file itself such as it being corrupt? Any help would be much appreciated.

16-bit 44100 Hz?


Iirc, I’ve also experienced similar issues if attempting to use a sample that’s just shorter than 20 secs, but in a sample rate higher than the standard 44,100 Hz.

So, ensure you’re also using 44100 Hz for your WAV files.

It’s possible that the 20-sec limit isn’t actually based on a sample WAV file’s innate duration, but set according to a hypothetical max bit length based on 44100 Hz at 16-bit.

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Maybe. It might just be recorded audio. Or you might be trippin.

Only thing i miss is that u can not delete importet samples

Numbers of bars is irrelevant.
It’s a 20-second limit, though that might be based on the file ‘byte length’ cap (based on 16-bit @ 44,100Hz sample rate (see my previous post).

If it is a bit-length cap, then it might be possible to import samples longer than 20 seconds, by using a lower bit rate or sample rate.

Haven’t tested, but should be easy to test.

You’ll find it’s very relevant. The max bar size you can use is limited by the bar count in the app itself. Any user knows this.


If a sample triggered in one-shot mode is longer than the scene, it will continue to play over the next, and the next, until the sample has completed its full length.

I guess not just any user knew that. :wink:

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No, you are.

I simply pointed out that this statement was incorrect.

You switched to talking about maximum loop length — which isn’t the same thing — and is irrelevant, as we’ve demonstrated that samples can exceed 16 bars.

I look forward to you correcting your original statement.

You know, condescension only works if you’re actually correct.

Thanks for playing.

Still, kudos to you for trying to help by putting together a definitive breakdown of sample import factors. Sincerely. :+1:

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this is getting heated…
But I’ll back up Thoughtful Noise here. A sample can easily be more than 16 bars. Bars only depend on the BPM of the track. Seconds of time are a set amount of time and are not affected by BPM. As an example, I have a sample that is 8 bars at 130BPM. When set to 300BPM, the sample goes past 16 bars and into 17 and 18. https://app.auxy.co/projects/2Ksg_5C_X_l8PNXjDmbIGA==
The FAQ in auxy specifically states that what matters in the amount of time in the sample.
Thoughtful Noise also showed an example, but I thought I’d do some explanation.

The point of this thread was because I had all the specifications correct, just that it wouldn’t let me import a sample. I now know that it was because of the app I was using to edit the samples formatting differently than what it said. And anyways, I think this thread is probably done with.


bruh, the sample name is actually Osiris. :joy:

There is no need for any sort of heated discussion to occur on a thread with genuine questions being asked.