Why can’t I import this sample?

So I have a sample that I am trying to import into a song but it just won’t let me. I have checked all the requirements: less than 20 seconds, wav file, in the correct folder. All it tells me when I try to import the sample is “Import Failed, The sample could not be loaded.” Is this a bug? Could there be anything inherently wrong with the file itself such as it being corrupt? Any help would be much appreciated.

16-bit 44100 Hz?


Iirc, I’ve also experienced similar issues if attempting to use a sample that’s just shorter than 20 secs, but in a sample rate higher than the standard 44,100 Hz.

So, ensure you’re also using 44100 Hz for your WAV files.

It’s possible that the 20-sec limit isn’t actually based on a sample WAV file’s innate duration, but set according to a hypothetical max bit length based on 44100 Hz at 16-bit.

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Maybe. It might just be recorded audio. Or you might be trippin.