Why are people removing their tracks from SoundCloud?

Hey! Just noticed that some of the staff picks list don’t contain 10 tracks anymore. So I assume this is because some producers remove them from SoundCloud for some reason? Why would you do that? Especially when it’s picked up in playlists like that?

We’re going to do a “tracks of the year” list so obviously hard to get onto that if the tracks are removed. :crazy_face:


I don’t really know maybe because they don’t like all their tracks even though they made it to staff picks? Also I’m very excited for that playlist!


I’m guessing that they ran out of upload time on soundcloud and didn’t want to spring for the Pro subscription. I don’t quite know why they would specifically choose playlisted tracks to get rid of, but I guess it’s their choice. :man_shrugging:t2:


Mainly due to non-pro users having a 2 hour upload limit. I’ve been dealing with this problem since I joined SoundCloud back in 2013-2014.

Sometime they have to delete a track people like just so they can get a few extra minutes back.


A lot of people in the Auxy Community specifically tend to rebrand or go through a “spring cleaning” phase on their profile, i.e. privating / deleting some or all of their public releases, in favor of quality over quantity (at least that’s the theory and motivation behind it). As a recent example, @DJ_La_Rocca is planning to remove some / all of his Auxy releases once he makes a full transition to FL Studio because he feels like they won’t match the new standard of quality he’ll have for his new brand.

It’s also very possible as has been said before that people run out of upload space on their profile, especially with the discontinuation of the SoundCloud Pro plan (leaving only the free plan and Unlimited plan which can be too steep of a price point for many users including myself).

I don’t necessarily agree with the reasons that people employ for purging their profiles but nonetheless it’s a fairly common practice around here. :man_shrugging:


‘out of place artifacts’ by kayasho is one of my favourite tracks to listen to, that was one of the tracks in the January playlist. it was privated once, then put back, now it isn’t there again

(btw about listening to soundcloud tracks, I do buy tracks that I listen to a lot if they are available, had already bought some tracks by Auxy producers on iTunes)

I don’t really know why too but I guess there is a reason for it, I can understand it’s their choice, though I feel sad if they thought their stuff was bad


For me its mainly because I want to show my best. I’m always worried about if people will like or relate to my music, and sometimes I get embarrassed over tracks that I feel I didn’t give my best. Normally I private these, which still gives you back upload time, but still can let people access them. Which I encourage all of you who get rid of tracks like me to do as well, then others can access them songs later. so… yeah


I’m not going to completely remove them, I just want to make a playlist, I’m still unsure whether they’ll be privated or just playlisted to segregate. Due to the new name change and new beginnings it’s kind of like a fresh start without completely removing things. My music will still be accessible through a playlist or whatever so yeah.

@Auxy what do you recommend then?

I can relate to the sentiment that you want to push forward and erase the past. Seems natural that you progress though and thus makes sense to keep old stuff that people like. Especially if that’s another way for people to find you through the track being shared etc.


Going through the staff picks to select the best tracks of the year. Does anyone know which 2 tracks are missing from this list? I’m just curious to learn why they were removed.

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Soundcloud upload limits are why I delete some of my tracks.
I don’t feel like paying money to upload more tracks to something I don’t often upload to.

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People are probably removing their tracks from Soundcloud because they have reached their upload limit, which is 180 minutes for Free users. You can pay for subscriptions to get more upload space, but it costs a lot, at least to me.


If I recall correctly (and based on the release dates of the other tracks) one of those was a Kayasho track, although he’s cleared his discography numerous times throughout the year.



That’s really too bad, Kayasho’s tracks were literally some of the highest quality in the entire Auxy community. And he has a Pro account too…

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Oh this sucks why do people have to delete their tracks :pensive:


One of those was Out of Place Artifacts by Kayasho

Short answer: we’re broke