Why am I not a regular any more?

So all of a sudden I just realized that I’m not a regular any more, does anyone know why this happened and can I get it back?


I think your discourse is messing up


You’re a regular for me

Your regular status is suspect to removal every 100 day period in the same way that you earned it. For example, if you were suspended, didn’t visit enough, didn’t give enough likes, etc. (any of the criteria that enabled you to get it in the first place) in the past 100 days, you’ll lose your status.

As per the official Discourse documentation, here are the requirements for becoming a regular (this is per 100 day period):

  • must have visited at least 50% of days
  • must have replied to at least 10 different topics
  • of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% (capped at 500)
  • of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)
  • must have received 20 likes, and given 30 likes.*
  • must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator)
  • must not have been suspended

(cc. @Matik his trust level 3 was removed despite his tag saying otherwise.)


There’s been some confusion about this in the past, but apparently any suspension actually will bar the level 3 trust, at least according to the moderators.


What’s this level three your talking about?

Level 3 is the regular status.


^ correct. There are Discourse trust levels 0-4 that you can be promoted to based on your activity on the forum.

All the trust levels:

I’ve been suspeneded but I still have regular :confused:

Negative. Similar to @Dj_Peloton, viewing your profile shows that the actual trust level 3 itself has been removed despite your “flair” remaining as Regular.

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I had my Regular removed half a year ago.

Same happened to me…

Zeph - The system removed your regular status. It says you haven’t read enough topics / posts in the last 100 days.

I got demoted too

Because your weird and your not regular.

lol jk