Why all the labels?

I w o n d e r

whaT?/ i neevrSaid That

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Well My Favorite Labels are Atlantic Records and Mellow



the undelete though

but on a serious note, melo was sort of inspired by freeform after it shut down because i really liked the idea of an all-chill label. :smile:


i think freeform was the first auxy label… also i don’t think frontier and vvvvv are auxy exclusive labels

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This? xD

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Eh, I’m just feeling kinda bitter and jaded. It’s really more of a “who will actually accept me” type thing for me. Which is why I’ve been all solo up until this point.

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i feel you, but also it’s the “this track is trash compared to others” feel that’s been holding me back. Hopin to maybe change that by the end of the year, been a goal of mine

I don’t think i’m ever gonna lose that mindset tbh.

My music honestly isn’t that technically sound.

You have to keep pushing to fight that feeling. I know it’s hard, but you will always feel that way about your own music, because it’s important to you that it sounds good. A lot of people love your music (including me) so there’s no reason to feel like it’s not good enough.

dude i made my label (antisnare.) way long time ago before Frontier came up lol
but eh idk probably



This is my label

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lol same for me it came along when I released my first album
so that was a coincidence

Really? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah he has a few



I genuinely do not care about the labels. They provide little to no distribution outside the Auxy community, so you’re just getting the same listeners on a different account, which provides no real benefits. I’ll just submit to irl labels, thank you.

Like I could just make the “Dukworld Compendium” and have that be a label made by me, but would that provide any exposure? Not really. Look for places outside Auxy to promote Auxy.

that does sound like a cool name tho
copyright just now ago


Are you referring to Auxy exclusive labels? I don’t think there are any…