Who would you really like to collaborate with?


Awesome! Ur such a great creator


Thanks for mentioning me :smiley:


Wow! Thank you for mentioning me! :smiley:


I would love to collab with the lovely @viiitality


I would collab with anybody, in general.


With 7 Minutes Dead but I doubt that will happen.


Austin Haga duh


I would like to collab with @NEWNAMES, @RRAMMAH, @tornait, and anyone else really.


Right now I’d really like to collaborate with @RRAMMAH

Their stuff is killer.


Make it happen, mate.


You wanna?


I can’t collab for my life.


Me neither


I think I’d be able to collaborate with anyone. If I had to choose someone, it’d be MR_ANDERSON. I dunno, I think his music is nice.


Any of my best :b:️Ois

Like @Produk @MR_ANDERSON @aUstin_Haga @IAATOE @Dj_Peloton and @Mr_Mooo


Even tho most of these will never happen :frowning:


If you’re talking about outside the Auxy Community, Either Flying Lotus Or Porter Robinson.

But inside the community, @aUstin_Haga


Sure! :smile:
I would be delighted to collab with you!


I’d love to make something with @eddxe. He has an amazing style.
Update: this may happen, all. Stay tuned.


Chill trap is super s m o o t h