Who would you really like to collaborate with?


Would love to collab with anyone! :+1:


Voyager lol


If ya wanna collab, message me :wink:


You already know, EMMA BLACKBERY-
Jk, I would fr collab with @aUstin_Haga


@Otzsil and @Southborne I guess. Love their stuff.


I wanna collab with IVO, stereofield (although I have a feeling that will happen soon), phil, Austin (again), or Produk but I’ll probably get turned down by all of them :joy::joy:


Sorry everyone. I made a mistake. And yes, she could be an AP-001. I already knew she was a girl and just made a mistake. Sorry!


Check this nice little post out


can’t tell is that a joke of some kind

jkjk @endm-usa’s a great guy


yeah lol it was kinda a joke but he’s nice


I’d collab with anyone, but I doubt it would go smoothly. My life has been pretty Inconsistent recently XD


I guess I’d collab with anyone who makes some dank Trap. Maybe Phil, maybe Mr. A, idk.


I nominate @NEWNAMES (love your house and our styles match), @MR_ANDERSON (the hats and synth stabs are strong with this one), and @Otzsil (you’re amazing nuff said)


I’m in desperate need of a collab. I’d love to collab with @Kerfuffle, @NEWNAMES, @anon41616463, maybe even @Southborne. I dunno, I just have a lot of tracks that could flourish into really amazing things with the help of other people.


Hopefully @IntrepidMusic


@Produk @NEWNAMES @Southborne @Otzsil @aUstin_Haga @anon41616463 @stereofield @MR_ANDERSON @IAATOE @INDIR3CT @TAURUS @Zeph @BSJ @Andrew_Adams @anechoik @crystldawnmusic @SanaB @official_ivo @moemx @InfinityBeatz


@TheMitch @LimeZ @Phoenix @MrSerpent @GOD @SUFOS @akabillposters @AGM @Dj_Peloton @vectr
sorry all u people who will get ping ponged :smiley:
BTW this is the next part to my post above. I can only mention 20 users in one post (come on disco)
lol when I try to find @anon41616463 the first person who comes up is @NEWNAMES who has put his full name as ‘Not Conux’


i would collab with zirasma.


One collab with debilitating depression pls :point_up:


Kia ora, Mr Mooo!

It’s such an honor to be mentioned!

I’d love to collab with you sometime!