Who would you really like to collaborate with?


I would like to collab with @Southborne, @IAATOE or @official_ivo


What are you talking about? xD


lol Austin tbh. Got turned down every time(except once) but it’ll happen again i hope.
MR. A and I will most def be collaborating more often.


Conux. I love her style, and she’s an AP-000 like me. :smile:


I’d love to collab with @Kerfuffle, @NotMiles, @HAYVN, @INDIR3CT, anybody, really. I doubt it, because my style is just sooooo dang eccentric and all over the place… Or I have a lack of style.


Would love to collab with @Produk
Already asked you a couple days ago, idk if you saw it :joy:


Its her style


I’d love a collaboration with Produk

*wink wink






Believe me it is





Let’s do it




I’ll Collab with anyone as long as they pledge allegiance to the supreme leader Lenberg.


DiD YoU jUsT AssUmE HEr GendER!!1!1!!!


I gotta say, I would love to collaborate with Sophont (who I’ve never worked with), or maybe with @Southborne (who I have collaborated with before). Also probably @GOD too, he’s super fun to work with.


Alright! To pms!


yes dont asume peoples genders. she could be an AP-001 and not an AP-000…


Conux said she’s a girl.


I’ve heard her voice before lol.
She’s a girl.