Who would you really like to collaborate with?


@SolRac_Official bruh I just listened to that house track demo you posted. I love it. I wanna collab.


@NeXus ya know what, send something over and we’ll see what happens

@Yaad and @Tolberto you wanna get involved in this too?




@AnirudhKhanna I would love to collab with him honestly.


dude YES i actually already messaged Nexus and we started talking I’ll add you 2 to the message


@NeXus, @eohr, @Tolberto yo check your dms


Ok so basically


@PISTOL, the legit dnb god


I laughed harder than I should’ve


@TheRealJFalc (Again), @Mr_Mooo, @AnirudhKhanna, and @El1011


pretty much anyone who’s willing to experiment with synth stuff




@Jax @NotMiles @stereofield @Dj_Peloton


Bro, let’s do it! I’m honored you’d want to collab with me! I’m a little busy rn, (got two other collabs rn) But I’ll dm you later!


Sure! I’m a little busy rn with a song, but I can dm you when I’m ready!




Of course I forgot a few but with the following I would like to collaborate with…

@BlaMeese @DJ_La_Rocca @Devoid-of-joy @GrooveMaker @Insolidarity @Lex @M9601 @Milchmann @MrSerpent @PietervanBoven


and @SanaB @Unfound @anon6476606 @blackocean @davidnaha @magnadeus @sideswipeBL @tnyari


Can someone answer wtf happened to @SanaB


@Tolberto too