Who would you really like to collaborate with?


I understand. I wouldn’t want to keep you from doing important things.
Your music theory may not be wrong. There are a lot of weird chord structures.

Mr. Anderson is very good chords and does know his stuff!


That’s very understandable. Do what you gotta do!


I’d like some collabs for sure

Tome @Goxenar for vocal reasons

@aUstin_Haga (I think we have something in the works though :wink: )

@MR_ANDERSON @Phluze @Produk because, duh


Cool guy


Oh, I’m pretty sure your theory is just fine :sweat_smile: I am kind of the same though. I don’t have a lot of formal theory training, more just a series of things I’ve picked up through experience


@D3monix, @Goxenar, AND @Mr_Mooo




I am free to collab with fellow smaller auxy users (insert smiley face)


As long as they use sidechain XD


@Southborne, @MR_ANDERSON @DJ_La_Rocca or @Produk would be a dream!


i want to work with @Kayasho but i’m probably not good enough to work with him… kind of like @Plhector was saying, i don’t really think i’d be able to contribute as much to the collaboration as i’d like to contribute. also @Plhector i’d be down to work with you any time, i also like experimental type music (mine’s usually made with imported samples tho)


Id like to collab with anyone I could learn something from, Although honestly, id like to collab with anyone.


I’ve collaborated with him so many times though


I’m down to collaborate with pretty much anyone I’ve never collaborated with before, as long as our styles are at least somewhat compatible

realizes I don’t have a style


Formal theory is so boring. Much of the things I’ve read I don’t even need!

Fourth-species counterpoint, galant schemata, rondo form, basso continuo etc.

I’ll stick to my intuition, thanks


Imported sounds or not, it’d be really awesome to make different kind of music with you :slightly_smiling_face:


@NotMiles (cmon let’s finish what we started)


My dream.


Fokkses or Produk


Not too ambitious yet; probably first targets right now are @Yaad and @eohr

edit: and maybe @Tolberto (almost typed toblerone haha), his stuff is actually sick