Who would you really like to collaborate with?




Main guys I wanna collab with:
@NotMiles again, I’d wanna do an ep of nothing but collabs lol
@Mr_Mooo <— this guy has gotten insanely good
@aUstin_Haga please, mate
And last but not least
@Goxenar or @Cornea, these two bring the heavy stuff like crazy


I’d love to collab with you! (pls lol)


I’d love to collab with you too!


Yeah @Mr_Mooo is a beast


I dont use Auxy anymore tho haha


I’d like to collab with someone who has never collabed before.
But honestly, I’d love to collab with anyone.


aaaaaaaaaaaaah no whyyyyyyyyyy


I would love to collab with @MR_ANDERSON or @Kayasho but I don’t think any of us have time to collab. I also don’t feel worthy enough to collab with them. I just don’t feel like I would contribute to the music as much as they would. I don’t really know anything about music theory so I just do things by ear.


don’t think like that! every producer is equally valid and this community is corrupted with a way of thinking that doesn’t support that idea.


I believe he’s moved to using Ableton instead of Auxy.


I just don’t really feel like my style would mix well with other styles. I tend to do… weird things with my music. I experiment a lot with sounds. So most of the time the driving point of a song is an idea that I have. Whether it be a rhythm in a time signature or a crazy sound I came up with while tweaking an instrument.


let’s collaborate if there is opportunity.
but, i’m busy now. sorry.

Becuz I’m a unique study method, my chord theory may be wrong music theory. Lol

(I think that Anderson’s chord is not wrong. no problem.)


You should ask @NotMilesabout collaborating. He’d mesh very well with that


Id also like to collaborate with anyone who could teach me something.


Anyone really



Any chance you would like to collaborate with me sometime soon?




I’d collab with people, but I can’t right now cos of school and an album that needs finishing.


I’ll pm you later. I can’t collaborate right this second because of school. I might also have to wait a few days, because I have a few other projects i’m working on.