Who would you really like to collaborate with?


if i have more time it would be great to collab with @MVTT


I’d love to collab with @Xiejra


Uhh, idk


I want to collab with myself


Yeah that’s a great idea


@NotMiles haha
our styles aren’t that similar though so idk
he wouldn’t want to collab with me anyway lol
oh also @INDIR3CT
and maybe @HYDRANS
or @R-JRDN
maybe @tornait



I’d like to make a song with @phluze. He never fails to amaze me with his content :+1:


really loving @MR_ANDERSON and @Phluze at the moment, and @aUstin_Haga of course- would honestly love to collab with any of them…

unlikely tho…


the myth the legend Austin haga


Would really like to get that collab with @Arimyth off the ground again nudge


I would reaaaaalllly love to collab with @Trey who is in my opinion one of the best auxy producers all around


I enjoy collabbing with @Eswyn

Im pretty strict on collabs but I’d like to collab with @Goxenar


yes please do this @Phluze


ha. you don’t even want to know how many failed collabs we have


Honestly It’d be really cool to collab with @stereofield or @Eswyn


i’d like to collab with austin (again), mr. serpent (again), stereofield, otzsil (idk how to spell it), and produk… it’s not like any of these are ever going to happen tho lmao


@AnirudhKhanna, @Goxenar, @Dadmother, @TheRealJFalc, and @blackocean


@Kayasho @BSJ


I’d really like to collaborate with:

I would want to collab with basically anyone, but this is my top list.


I’ve never done a collab before but I think it’d be cool to collab with…

  • Blackocean

  • Eswyn

  • Aqzi