Who would you really like to collaborate with?


I would be up for that!




Or maybe me huh? Lol sure!!


This is worth reviving


There a lot:

@Kayasho (idk he is not mentioned much)
@TXA (but he doesn’t use auxy any more)

Spectrum - eohr, INDIR3CT, Gavin Graye [Future Bass]

@anon41616463 (Also doesn’t use auxy)

I know that many of the people I mentioned are out of my current league.
But I’m not requesting collaborations just saying who I’d like to collab with. :smile:


Anyone … As every individual is creative in there own way



This makes me happy


We should


Southborne but I can’t @ him
Lots of others but I’m too lazy

Oh and @MVTT

Spectrum - eohr, INDIR3CT, Gavin Graye [Future Bass]

@Graye and @eohr lets do it

Spectrum - eohr, INDIR3CT, Gavin Graye [Future Bass]

Heck yeah


I didn’t know that :dove: was suspended. What happened…?


Oh dang. Rip south. Wonder what happened…




He requested being banned :man_shrugging:
Idk why


Idk he requested it


I suspect people who are no longer active here are at least still producing music (I’d hope, at least) - so it may still be a worthwhile endeavor to reach out via other channels which I do encourage people to be using anyway. Just throwing it out there…


The only problem is that a lot of the people who used to be active here and aren’t anymore use fl studio/ableton
And auxy can’t work with either


Auxy > desktop daw, no problem. Desktop daw > Auxy - get ready to cut everything up into < 10 second samples :slight_smile:

Just saying, don’t let the software be the barrier to creativity, or the platform.