Who would you really like to collaborate with?


Who would you really like to collaborate with or who would you want to collaborate with one day?

This isn’t a place to request collabs. It’s a place to say who you’d love to collaborate with some day. So if you ask the person in this thread or in general, it is okay for them to say no in public. :wink:

Also, sorry for the many pings that some of you may get!

Who You Want To Collab With?

@aUstin_Haga or @Produk


I would love to collab with @anechoik or @official_ivo
If I had to pick I’d say @decruz.


I’ll give you the pleasure of not pinging you: Conux or Produk.


With you.


Poor @aUstin_Haga’s gonna get to many pings


I’d really love to collab with @Southborne, @TAURUS or @IAATOE.
Making those heavy drops :grimacing:
These guys are way out of my league though


I think you could get away with Taurus and I won’t shut you down on a collab either.


Yeah who knows, maybe in the near future…
Our styles are quite different, could be interesting haha


Anyone and everyone!




@NYC @Produk @decruz @IAATOE @INDIR3CT @Southborne @official_ivo @aUstin_Haga @Phoenix @moemx … I could go on and on. but I mostly want to learn from there styles and try and really put that towards my music.


Wait I have a style?


I’m honestly open for any collaborations at this point.


Yes, :joy::joy: your music is lit :fire::fire:


same dude.


That’s good to know :blush:


I’m willing to pull off that Porter Robinson and Madeon theme


Omg :open_mouth: my name is there!! Lol


I would really like to collaborate with @IAATOE ! :smiley: