Who was (and still is) your Auxy friend when you started producing music?


2.5K converts to $1773 American.

I’m building a custom computer to fulfil the bare minion recquirementts + extra just coz I want what’s best with no hiccups. It’s really not that much money. I could buy a holden VT for the same price. You probably don’t even know what taht is but yeah.

16gigs ram minimum, and a hectic processor.
I had an all in one with 8 gigs of ram and it was pathetic. I could only run like three channels if I wa slickly for it to start lagging and would even crash sometimes. Even in serum, after like 10 voices of unison it’d lag. There’s no way I’m spending too muh money, it’s gonna be perfect.

I appreciate ur concern but it’s really what I need for what I wanna do.

Also, I’d actually be soending more money if I moved somewhere else coz the Australian dollar is actually the most valuing or some crap like that, I just know we have strong currency and our dollar is like 30 cents more than ur guys dollar.

And yeaaaaah nah mate I ain’t goin no where. I’ll stick to straya



The amount of ram will be relatively meaningless if you don’t have a good enough processor. Go i7 either 7th gen or 8th gen. This is literally mission critical, do not skip this step.

Could you elaborate on what specifications your “all in one” rig had? I’m quite shocked that it couldn’t handle anything.



Ya agreed with @TheRealJFalc get the best processor you can afford. If you’re not loading up a bajillion samples or using crazy multisampled instruments (read - orchestral stuff, Kontakt libraries etc) you don’t need to go too crazy with ram. If you’re planning on using a boatload of Serum or similar instances I wouldn’t get anything lower than an i7 or AMD equivalent,

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Your welcome!

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16gig of ram is a solid start and should be good for most basic things you’d be doing with fl or gaming. I currently am running 16gig (2gig x 8slots) and it’s good enough most of the time.



duuude thanks!!!



@Lex and @NotMiles



Nope. The world is fake.

Thank you, come again.



@HELIXX @Eswyn @D3monix will always be my besties