Who was (and still is) your Auxy friend when you started producing music?


@Hum4n01d - He has been very supportive about my music,that’s why there’s a lot of “classic xlima” comments :slight_smile:

@Jelmin8or or @Jelmo - He has won two of my challenges.But I don’t know if that’s Jelmo or Jelmin8or.

Yeah.They are also very cool man!


…what? FL does and has run on very modest requirements. Even a grand will buy you more processing power than you can shake a stick at. Are you also coordinating space flight programs while mining for bitcoins and playing the latest PC games on graphics level 11? Lol


Atleast 16 ram minim but hoping to get 32. Extremely fast processor and that’s my main recquiemts really


I bought a computer for. Agrand that was complete utter garbage and was also an allin one built in computer. I wanna make sure I get the best I can




You should get a job in a factory until you can work up enough courage to battle Papa Doc & The Leaders of the Free World at The Shelter.


I earn enough. Just need to prioritise


You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime…


what friends amirite


It really depends on what kind of computer you get and what processor it has.

I have an old ASUS gaming laptop from 2012 that was on the moderate to high end in terms of cost and performance. It was an advance purchase for going into college and only ended up being around $900-$1000, running only 8gb of ram with an i7 processor. Back then this was huge, of course, so anything beyond that was absolutely overkill back then. In my experience, I’ve never had FL studio chug on me, the only times it has relate to heavy use of tempo automation (and even then that doesn’t show in the export) or when I’m using too much Serum.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend has issues running FL studio on her HP laptop from 2015. It only runs an i3 processer, which is not suitable for heavy usage like that. However, it still works, and only gets unresponsive occasionally. I believe it costed somewhere around $500-$750 (which obviously was too much for it but that’s talking from a technical standpoint, most end-users wouldn’t really pay attention to that stuff)

If you’re paying $1000, you need to make sure what kind of computer you are getting. What is it designed to do? If you’re getting a gaming rig, i’d wager that 9 times out of 10 you’re going to be able to run FL with minimal to no hiccups. If you’re spending $2500, you’re paying waaaaay too much, and are most likely making a bad purchase overall. At my workplace, before I started the person before me had paid $3000 a computer for some Dell Rugged laptops, ones that weren’t even the newer model no less, are very under-specification, not to mention one of them didn’t work and it took two whole months to resolve it. Don’t make the same mistake as the person before me and just get what costs a lot of money thinking it will be a good fit.

Hopefully this gives some insight into making a future purchase.


He’s talking Aussie dollars though.
We pay ~$2000 for an entry level Macbook.


lets not get too off topic, i really like this thread.


I was completely unaware of this xD

Use appropriate conversions and stuff. To make this more simple, however, most computers with a modern i7 processor and 8gb of ram should be fine enough to run FL studio with minimal to no hiccups.

maybe it would be cheaper to move out of Australia and then purchase at that point? ;3



Nice. Im in the market to get a ram upgrade myself (along with a new gpu b/c my old one’s on its way out)

Also, dont go and try to buy Everything new, try and see what ppl are selling online. Used stuff still generally works well and is sold for cheaper than new (also a plus if the person selling doesn’t know what they’re really selling so u can talk them down lol)


Guys stop joking about Aussie stuff we all know Australia doesn’t exist


Do you know that, though?

Can we really be sure of anything?

Is anything real?


@stereofield helped me pick out my name and some other things, I guess we’re friendly


Lol nope


I mustn’t exist then