Who was (and still is) your Auxy friend when you started producing music?


Well.Hello.I’ve met a lot cool people back in the day but I don’t know if some of them left the community or they’re just having a simple break from producing music.Here they are.I hope they will notice :wink

@Phoenix - I haven’t heard anything from him.Actually we are best friends in this community

@JBLAK - All I know that he was making one of my challenges of making something with one synth or something like that.

@InfinityBeatz - I made a Collab with him.The song’s name was called “Perfect Timing”.But then he left without even telling anyone.

@decruz - I don’t know if he’s still in Auxy disco,I haven’t seen if he replied to anyone’s topic or something like that.

@DJ_spedgetti - I made his challenge to make a track with one synth (Yeah I know my challenge was the same)

@K.tsukahara - This guy followed me first man! He haven’t gotten any feedback and he’s not replying anymore on disco (I think).Give this guy some feedback! https://soundcloud.com/tsukahara-kenya/chilly-tune (Here is his track)

@Destroyer_5009 - He is still here and yeah he’s my friend to this day :slight_smile:

@DJ_La_Rocca - He is Also my best friend.He also met me because of some kind of post (Sorry I don’t remember) Now he’s making great stuff in DAW!

@SUFOS - He is my best friend! When I started producing music, he found me because of one track or something like that :slight_smile: Then we made a Collab and we are still best friends :grin:.But sadly he has left Auxy.But you can always go to his SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/sofus-agervig-351033928/sufos-underneath-1 (here is his track).He’s also making some dope beats in FL Studio!

And yes! These are my friends when I started and that’s not all of them :).I even remember that @Produk was called “Captain Productions”.So I started producing very early! 2 years has passed since I started!!! That passed really quick!! So yeah.Tell me who is your friend when you started producing.


Thanks man! You’re my best friend too!




I love all you guys

(The ones who are nice at least)


@Jax @GreyOldTwit @Jelmo are really big influences for me, and they make great music too!


Thanks @Jelmo ! That means a lot!




Thanks dude for mentioning me!


@akabillposters is my best friend


Thanks fam.

Cheers to u too


hey what’s that supposed to mean😤

jk you’re probably one of the most supportive people in this community, you’ve supported my music for a long time, thanks for that


for me it’s probably @Thrashie, @joshuatuworldwide, and @MrSerpent, they’ve been supportive of my music for a long time and i’ve worked with them a lot


When I started producing music I had only one friend that supported me along the way. That friend is @EagerLeave (or @Eagerleave_Official). Now, we barely talk, but we play with each other on ROBLOX sometimes.


Underrated comment


@Southborne has always been a great guy with me. Really appreciate you bro


@Mr_Mooo has been awesome, so has @Jelmo and of course @ezA (the dude who introduced me to Auxy in the first place)


@Xlimator No I didn’t, I went to at the start of buying fl studio, but I had to re structure my plans and now I have to save up to 2.5K to build a computer to run fl studio. Everything I’ve been posting recently has been with 100% Auxy.

However thanks for the shoutout, alwasy here to help and that goes to anyone and everyone


Dang what kind of a beast are you trying to build?


@NeXus Thanks man. I think your amazing at what you do.


TBH, I had no idea what I was doing at the start (always experimenting).

@Jelmo, @The_Osprey and @NeXus have been amazing to me for the past few months.