Who wants to do an “Even Louder” style collab/battle?

If you do, either PM me or comment in this thread. let’s jam!

I kind of want to do one with @Indigoo


I’ve actually done one with Indigoo


Open to another one though!

Yeah! Want me to open a project?

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Okay, I’ll make my first section and hand it over to you… unless you’d prefer to start.

I’ll let you kick it off, curious to see what I’m up against.

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Okay then, here we go!

The first beat!
I tried something different than my usual kinda style.

Yo guys, sliiiiiide right into those dm’s pls


Do you want to do a triple team or a separate project?

Oh…I was saying that you guys should take your discussion to dm’s. Don’t wanna spoil the surprise (or get plagiarized), y’know.

If I wasn’t so busy, I’d give it a try.


Ahhh okay

Excited for this!

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Are you in?

I would like to, but I don’t if people would want just me against the same guy and then another one.
Screw it.
I’m in!

Am I too late

Idk. I’ll let them decide.
Maybe we could do a teams thing where two of us work on one part and then the other two work on another.