Who wants to collab?

Who wants to collaborate? I’m a small artist so no high standards or anything. Really inspired right now so if someone could collage before I get my next EP finished that would be great! Thanks

https://app.auxy.co/projects/YlNoyrrOPw9hNWZEoRooNg== a start

Okay, we are 100% collaborating. I like. Only problem is “Classic Bass Muted” doesn’t exist or something

You get the second drop and other stuff

Also do you mind if this is in my next EP?


Lemme work on it

https://app.auxy.co/projects/vyR9bGsYvZnv1E34qDdj5Q== i got a lot of stuff to do atm so i just made this tiny thing

Alright thanks man, good working with you bro

I’m in! If u wanna collab just let me know!

Totally man! You can start or if you want me too just let me know! Once it’s done it will be released in my next album!

Yo I’m down for a collab but I don’t have subscription rn so might be hard

Ooh. Well I’m sure I could figure out something. Imma collab with this guy first tho and then I’ll figure something out


Wise are we doing it?

Yes! Sorry I been a tad busy

Oh it’s okay! Am I starting or you?

I will! I’m working on something now

Alright cool!

https://app.auxy.co/projects/b9PmuL1AzQcVtbmQOF1aaA== Here it isss