Who Wants Male Vocals?

I’m going to be singing vocals for the people on the list below. These people are excused from paying for vocals, and get 1 song for vocals/lyrics. This is because they asked before I started charging. Now, I know that most of you are not the richest people in the world, so the price is low.

Vocals - $2
Singing Lyrics - $1
Rap Lyrics - $2 (I won’t rap on your track though)
Vocals & Singing Lyrics - $2.50

The exempt people are as follows

Nathan Eclipse

DM me for some vox guys. Need an example of my singing? https://soundcloud.com/xtrk/feat-hexx-olde-timey


Just wondering, why have you exempted certain people from paying?

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They had requested vocals for certain songs before he began charging for them ie if I had asked for vocals before this thread existed I would have been exempt

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oh lol. Guess i missed that reading on my phone while eating lol


I’m special


Until I get an Apple device, I’m not gonna be able to use this…

…im sad…

Can you send sample? And I would also need upright - acustic bass / acbass played note by note whole scale.