Who uses Chromatic Loops?

Hey guys! My name is Brandon, i’m new to music. I really love how Auxy makes things so easy for me, but I do have a concern. So I see that there is an option to make loops chromatic, which I believe just turns it into the standard keyboard format. I’ve always struggled with that, but is that the way I should be trying to learn or should I just stick to using Auxy with that option turned off? What i’ve been making sounds like music. I’m super critical so I do believe i’d be able to pick up on whether it sounds awful or not. It’s just that it’s so hard to believe that there’s actually something simple enough that could be used properly without knowing formal music theory so I feel like I may doing it wrong, although I like the sounds i’m working on. What techniques do you guys use? Does everyone just work their own way? Do some of you have a lot of experience and knowledge of formal music theory? Do some of you just go with your own flow? And if you do know music theory do you wind up breaking those rules anyway to create new types of sounds? Let me know! I’m really interested to see what all of you do to make your tracks, plus any advice i’d be highly appreciative of! :smiley:

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Hey Brandon!

I actually make my loops chromatic quite often, but it’s because of a particular sound that I am aiming for. I also use “Harmonic Minor” as well to go for that sinister, and sometimes Middle Eastern-sounding scale. It’s to make the melody sound creepy - and that’s really the only use that I’ve needed with chromatic key. The beginnings of my tracks Blink and The Parasite are good examples of what I mean, and there are many more examples to find if you listen out there.
You’re not doing anything wrong or basic if you aren’t using chromatic key, it just gives you more range with notes instead of limiting you to the typical notes in the scale of the key you’re making the song in. And I have hardly any background in music theory, I just know the basics. With Auxy, you definitely shouldn’t have to know advanced music theory. It’s all laid out for you. I, personally, am a play-it-by-ear person - I’ve even played instruments in the past by just learning how to copy what I hear. But everyone is different.
I hope this was helpful response in some way :slight_smile:

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I use chromatic for everything. I started off using the major/minors, but quickly found myself wanting to add a semitone that wasn’t available or to switch between major and minor within a project.

First thing I do with every new project is turn on chromatic.



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My sister started using Auxy for at least half a year now and she uses it for recreating her favorite songs. She uses the chromatic scale since she doesn’t fully know what key a song should be even though a quick google search answers her question.

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Lately (like in the last week or so) yes. But only because I’m trying to recreate what I’m playing on guitar in Auxy and I’m absolute garbage at music theory. So when in chromatic I can be scale independent and figure out what notes I’m playing, then plot them.

But when not doing that I just lock scale :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Same here :joy:

I don’t often use Chromatic, however, if I can’t get a note I need I convert it and find that note.

Agreed, IVO.

Sometimes a brother has just got to go from D to D#!


I tried “Harmonic Minor” and it does give a creepy vibe! I like it. I also took a listen to your songs, I think “Blink” is really cool. Thank-you for all the knowledge!

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So would you say using the chromatic scale is easier or more difficult? Either short term or long term.

It really depends if you are used to modern musical studios. For me, using a 7 note layout is easier to use than the Chromatic layout. For my sister, who’s used the piano since she was in grade school, she prefers to use the Chromatic scale.

I was never taught to use the piano.

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Oh I see, me neither! So I guess chromatic is not for me, or at least yet.

Hey, @brandnaqua. Don’t sweat not learning the piano. If you ever learned how to use your ears, then you have everything you need to use and enjoy chromatic. :+1: :smile:

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I almost never use chromatic loops. I think everyone just has their own way to create music. Some find chromatic loops easier to use, and some don’t. I don’t study music theory or even really know about it. I just place some notes down and move them around until they sound good. Just try to find your way to create music. Figure out what is best for you.


I always use chromatic loops because they allow me to switch between major and minor or do key changes within a loop. Don’t worry if you don’t use chromatic loops. As long as you make amazing music, it doesn’t matter how you made it, chromatic or not.

Me too here

Chromatic gives you way more notes to play with, but it also adds the possibility of playing “wrong” notes. Try programming something in minor mode then switching it to chromatic and try moving one of the notes up or down half a step, and you’ll start seeing the possibilities.


I guarantee Kayasho does, but I think he’s not on the forum.

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