Who remembers what it was like when you had produced your first song/beat


When I first started using the app, I had no idea what I was doing. It was the first time I had actually tried to use something to make music digitally other than GarageBand and I also had no idea about chords/timing/etc. I had also wanted to make some dubstep and stuff, so I tried really hard but my first projects were actually garbage.

Over the course of about a year I got a whole lot better, made some crap projects and the one or two outliers that I would release first. My first song “Neptune” came out of a small project that I still have no idea how I made, but after like two months of tweaking and stuff, it was so much better than anything I had made before.

Here’s I think my first ever project, not sure tho: https://app.auxy.co/projects/9rCyO1rCgKi1NuxbqKJ9Sw==

Also here’s another that I was making a month later that I thought was some fire (it really isn’t): https://app.auxy.co/projects/yXgg6G5VtLX0I7XSCqd57Q==


I remember it back when it was still blue :sweat_smile: I remember my first song sounded… odd… but now I think I’ve really improved :smile:


It’s always the same. I think wow this is finally sounding good. My first song, that was actually just some set of loops, wasn’t good and was on my blue iPhone 5c. I checked back a couple weeks ago and I wouldn’t even call them a song really haha. I’ve been working on old songs and uploading them recently. I’ve had so many that I just had to “finish up”. Some aren’t done yet but this past year the songs I’ve been making I put in an album called Year 1. Those all are meaningful to me and that’s what I’m most proud of. After that I still feel like, wow will I ever make anything better? I’m almost done with all my old tracks and haven’t made a new one in a while, so I’ll see how that goes.After time you keep making more music, you kinda have your “first” song feeling again. As you grow you learn new things and techniques and incorporate them to grow as a musician.


December 2015, my school’s computer lab. Garageband loops! Tried Auxy classic out a few weeks later and I’ve been using it since.


Good old GarbageBand


Lol why does everyone slag on a sequencer with full midi automation, the ability to use both wired and wireless playing surfaces and VST/AU hosting - just to name a few things?

insert Jackie Chan meme here


Hold on, I’m thinking of mobile GarageBand. Looks like @MrSerpent’s talking about the computer version, though, which is not a bad DAW


…which also does AUv3 hosting, automation of parameters on built in instruments, handles audio tracks and HAS ELECTRIC GUITARS lol

Edit: and doesn’t cost a fiver. Just sayin.


Capable, but not intuitive or efficient. There is a difference


It’s kind of hard to come up with an accurate metric for how I’ve improved in music production, since in the past almost without fail I’d look at a track I made as little as a few months prior and laugh at how bad I thought it was.

I have noticed that I haven’t thought that about tracks from the past year-ish, which leads me to believe that either my taste for music isn’t changing as much or my tracks are now able to stand the “test of time” more than before, at least for me.

So that’s encouraging. :wink:


I feel similar about my production, but for some reason it feels kinda discouraging to me. I guess because it feels like I’m improving less :man_shrugging: