Who remembers what it was like when you had produced your first song/beat

I sucked at making melodies or even simple beats like a kick and a snare, over time I’ve gotten a whole lot better, hbu?

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I Remember when auxy was delicious app i loved its colors and sounds especially marmelade

I got my first song idea after waking up for school. I went to take a shower and noticed my alarm was still going. The thing was, I could only hear certain parts of it because of the shower and my brain filled in the rest of the rhythm and chords. That was how I started my first ever track “Awakening” and the I created a concept album depicting The storyline of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. It was crap but it gave me ideas for the future…


That’s cool.
My first was a remix of the OG demo!

“ayyy haha this is so cool”
plays it for frend
“ayy im so bad haha”


Ha same mate

I made my first track that I thought was great about a year after I got the app. It was trash, but it’s where I started. Then about another year later, I made my first good track, called atmosphere. I eventually modified it over a period of about three months and I renamed it Elevation.

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This was I think the first track I made. I actually did a remake of it a while ago.


2/15/17 - first Auxy project ever https://app.auxy.co/projects/3xjBjBcLeILTQNwlTFqOnw==

Not the first thing I’ve ever written ever, coming from FLStudio since ~1999 ( back when it was still Fruity Loops :wink: )


https://app.auxy.co/projects/ePJtybMT5xpMi34H-fIqlw== Hold on I need to check this

It’s an updated version of the OG demo pack

I’m talking before soundpacks were a thing

I was completely overwhelmed with my first songs. I remember just trying to make neat patterns that looked good on the piano roll lol.


My first track with Auxy is probably the most simple thing ever, but I still love it. It’s pretty bad, but I just like the rhythm pattern on the synth. I’m currently working on a remastered version of it.
The name is probably the best part of the track.
It’s called Air Ducker

I found the first track I had ever made, it’s REEEAAALLY BAD listen at your own risk, it’s really cringy

well i first started in garageband when they first released the newer version that actually made it more of an actual DAW instead of a bunch of loops.
(I was so proud of this when i first made it lol)
I remixed tetris and I remember that I literally transcribed the melody from some piano tutorial on youtube lol

There was a lot of snare overusage and spamming the piano roll to make a melody.


basically i thought reverb was The Duct Tape of music production…


You and I both

Oddly enough, I only used reverb with Auxy. My first music software didn’t even have an option for reverb on specific instruments. It would put it on all the instruments so I never really used it.

Still is

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