Who introduced you to Auxy?


I believe I searched “Music Creation”


I was introduced to it back in 4th grade. My school was weird and had a required “Music Technology” class. One of the main apps we used was Auxy. It was my favorite app we used in that class. While everybody was making pictures with the notes, I was creating melodies. Even though they were not the best sounding loops, I always loved going to that class. I think that one class sparked my interest in music production. I eventually downloaded it on my phone a few years later and have been using it ever since.


If I had a class like that, I’d enjoy waking up for school.




Ditto. Where was Auxy during music class for me…
Would’ve made it a lot more interesting, tbh.


Shoot. I gotta go back to 4th grade @ ur school


Hi all! I first learned about it through reading forums about DAWs for iOS. It looked interesting so I downloaded it and fell in love.


Awesome! :slight_smile:


Nice! Which forums?


KVR was the main one. A couple of people talked about it and it sounded interesting. I downloaded it and it was instant love. Made my first ambient track on Sunday. Nothing fancy, just learning the app. I’ll post it in the WIP section when I get home from work.


I got introduced to auxy when watching a Andrew Huang video about a year ago and wanted to try it out for myself and ended up getting a little serious about it


I believe it was “Music Studio”


The App Store search bar.