Who introduced you to Auxy?


I saw it in the App Store lol


It was I!


I wanted to start making my own music, but didn’t have a computer. So I went to the app store and found Auxy.


Looked for something on the App Store to get my ideas in my head out on digital format. Originally looking for an art app, and found Auxy as the featured app


Most of us introduced ourselves to the app, I’m no different! Wandered around, stumbled onto Auxy, I regret nothing.




M e d d d l y xD


Love this thread and it’s valuable for us to know where you found Auxy. How about we do a little poll to get the numbers sorted?

How did you get to know about Auxy?

  • A friend told me about it
  • I was searching for music apps in the App Store
  • I was browsing the App Store for music apps specifically
  • It was featured among other non-music apps in the App Store
  • I watched someone using it on YouTube
  • Other

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I was watching andrew huang at that time (i still am) but i hadn’t known he had done a video on auxy until a while after i started making songs on it.


whats the difference between 2 and 3?


One is if you were looking for music apps, the other is just for the App Store in general I if i understand correctly.


What if you were just scrolling through the App Store and you just happened to stumble across Auxy?




My friend In middle school was like “Hey”

And I was like "yo’

Then he was like, “You have a tablet right?”

And I was like, “no”

And then he was like “Fine use mine, there is this cool app called Auxy”

Then I was like, “you sure?”

And he was like, “Yeah of course, this app is legit!”

So yeah…
Fun facts!

  1. For the first 3 weeks of using Auxy, I used someone else’s tablet.
  2. When I did get a tablet, it was an Ipad Mini 1st generation, Meaning that It only supported Auxy 1, you know, the old Blue one.
  3. It wasn’t until late 2017 that I got a new Ipad that supported Auxy 3 haha


I found it one day on the App Store :joy:




Just saw it from the App Store a while ago when it was featured for the design award, but I forgot about it about for a while. Then was watching a video about mobile music making by Andrew Huang and was reminded about the app, downloaded the same day. Was a great choice!




Thanks for input!

For those of you who picked “I was searching for music apps in the App Store”, can you recall what type of search terms you used? I.e. what would you search for if you were looking for music apps but didn’t necessarily know to look for “Auxy” specifically?