Who introduced you to Auxy?


He mentioned the app on his channel once and I decided to try it out lol


To be specific, I was tired of using Music Maker Jam (yes, really) and Medly, mostly Medly. I’ve then looked in the “You May Also Like” tab and Auxy got my attention.


That’s exactly how my cousin got into it



Auxy Conspiracy Theories

Are you my cousin???


Bruh I use music maker jam and medley

Are we brothers xD


a lot of people use those apps, and my brother doesn’t even use aUxy

but i don’t have a brother, so that might explain it


I introduced myself


ME was bored one day and wanted a new app, had a lot of launchpad apps, happened to stumble soon it while looking for new launchpad apps




I used the original one a long time ago and I recently found the new one and got it! It’s really useful😁


I saw this video by Andrew Huang and he used auxy to make a pretty cool track. He also uses a bunch of other apps so its a cool video to watch.

The first time i watched it i downloaded it just to see what it was like and i’ve been with it ever since.


I was looking through the App Store for a music program more than to years ago.



F A T H E R .




I found the old app randomly while searching for “beat makers”




Almost 3 years ago i did that


Actually I think I looked up launchpad apps lol


the way i found auxy was pretty wierd
Back when I was a “game dev”, I was using an app called GamePress, which was basically an ipad app for creating games. There was this forum (kinda like disco) for posting what games you made, and one day when i was randomly browsing I found this thread for this game with really nice music. Another guy had replied asking what app he used to make it, and the creator said he used “Auxy Beat Studio”. I downloaded it that day and experimented with it for some years making small beats for an hour every once in a while before deciding to spend more time on my music

Interesting to think that if that one guy hadn’t asked that one question I’d have never taken an interest in music production… :thinking: