Who introduced you to Auxy?


Application Store on my SmartPadTabletThing


did it myself


I used Auxy ever since it was a new app in 2014



(me.I was searching for music apps)


Auxy spoke to me in a dream


My dad was getting a ton of music apps, and Auxy was one of them!


featured on app store


I just went to App Store and entered “Music Making Apps” and found Auxy well the old Auxy and found this auxy by the notifications of the old Auxy


My mom wanted me to do something better in life…jk a buddy from my old hometown showed me the original Auxy app thingy and I was hooked.




lucky you!


Searched for music making apps, boom.


the original Auxy classic app was featured approx. 2 years ago. Then i discovered the new auxy from there


it was the old auxy


I saw the original app on the App Store a LONG time ago. I used it a ton and then heard of this “2.0 Auxy.” And then I used it and loved it.


After buying all rhe Medly soundpacks I realized they sounded horrible and was kinda angry about it so I read the reviews and one said it was a rip off of Auxy. I went to check that out and liked it way better.


Noice, good choice


I was introduced by the App Store, searching for music studios.


musicbyLUKAS brought me here