Who introduced you to Auxy?


I think it would be cool to know how each of us learned of the amazing app that is Auxy


I’ll start us off. I was introduced to Auxy by @Arimyth


I just searched up ‘music making apps’ or something like that on the app store and then auxy happened


The app store’s featured apps section or something got me into the og Auxy


Same here I think featured app, never used the old Auxy.


ME :neutral_face::smirk:



How though lol


I’m auxy! (Dun dun dun) Just kidding. I was looking through the AppStore for music apps.


My bro discovered it on the App Store and showed me. Only thing is he woudn’t tell me what it was called!! I was pretty cut. eventually I got it out of him. This was the originally auxy… I think it may have been feautured at the time


I was watching a video by Andrew Huang and he used it


I was introduced by @Jaxono :wink:


i found the og Auxy by looking thru featured apps, and when I saw it I was hooked by it :stuck_out_tongue:


I really wanted to make music and I couldn’t buy Ableton and I didn’t have enough space on my phone for GarageBand so I searched up music apps on the app store and I am forever grateful that I found this amazing app and such a great community! I wonder who’s had Auxy the longest?


A few months before I started I tried out a few other music sequencer type apps that ended up being terrible.

Then I saw this as a featured app one day on the App Store.


Original feature on the app store


My cousin told me to get it. He was into music making and stuff like that and was better than me at it, and I was producing really bad stuff when I was at his house.


Been looking for a music creator apps for some times, most of it are just hard to arranged/fixed sound and not as i wanted, but yea Auxy gives me total freedom, just right and make sense for me. :raised_hands:t3:

AppsStore does it all!


me did


I looked up “oxygen” on the App Store. I don’t regret it.


but how lol