Who inspires you?


Jackal and Krane

If you havent heard of them, go hit em up on soundcloud now


Main Inspirations:

•Alon mor
•False Noise

People who inspire me from the community: @official_ivo @Thrashie @Cornea

I take little bits of inspiration from these artists, the rest I get from walking a lot


So basically you like dubstep music cuz I heard one of Kitori’s tracks and there was heavy stuff!


Probably my biggest inspiration was Taps https://soundcloud.com/taps_wips
i would also consider Akeos (https://soundcloud.com/akeos) for my current dubstep sound
But heres others that i consider a facter in my change of sound:
Animals in the room (https://soundcloud.com/animalsintheroom)
Omni (https://soundcloud.com/omniedm)
KaTT (https://soundcloud.com/kattedm)
SCRIPT (https://soundcloud.com/iamscript)
Nvctve (https://soundcloud.com/nvctve)


oh and Anti-negative (https://soundcloud.com/anti-negative)


anti negative is amazing


I think who inspires me the most is any artist whose song attracts my attention the most or contain interesting sounds that I like a lot. I listen to many songs across this community and other small or major artists. It’s amazing to be able to dissect what the artist did to get that exact sound or how a song is laid out. That motivates me to create something new that can evolve into a great track.


I’ve recently found out about False Noise. His music is starting to inspire some of my stuff.


Sigur ros. Definitely. :ok_hand:

Telefon Tel Aviv too… and NiN… good stuff!


I got two mentions. Dang son