Who inspires you?


Short answer : I’m inspired by the Auxy community…

Long answer : I’m inspired by all of you! I mean think about it… how many of us are professional artists? We are all just random people all across the world using an iPad app, but the music we can create has the quality of any mainstream artist. For example… @Jax, you have just recently joined this forum, and so far you are reaching out, asking questions, and really trying to improve your music. Your tracks are top notch and I know this is only the beginning for you . Also, artists like @Xlimator and @Hexx are both artists I heavily admire because of how much they try to branch out to other genres and styles, something I am striving to do. These 3 and many other Auxy artists are my inspiration. Not only their tracks but their attitude towards making music. 90% of my inspiration directly comes from tracks made by Auxy. So yeah, great job everyone, and Thanks for being such an amazing inspiration!


Wow, thanks man! That really means a lot!
Thank you for taking the time to help me out with my first song. When I first joined it, I expected haters, but you gave me really helpful advice for my music, and I don’t think Elevation would have ever reached what it is now without your help, and I really appreciated that.


Wait. Is that my logo? On your image? :cry:


If I’m going to be honest. Even though obviously there are some producers who inspire my music creation, I am honestly inspired quite a lot by my supporters. Literally, I think to myself, “Wait, is this drop amazing enough to impress my supporters, wait are these lyrics deep enough to help my supporters?”

You don’t understand how, genuinely joyous it makes me to be supported by you, and all of my supporters. It really does make me want to keep producing music, not necessarily because I enjoy it, but because I know it will be enjoyed.

So, thank you. Genuinely man. Thanks a lot.


I really am inspired by mostly Auxy artists. Of course I incorporate elements that I hear in other songs not made in Auxy, but when I produce I try tricks and new things that I have learned from listening to the music in the community. Personally, my biggest inspirations are probably MR. ANDERSON and Trey, but whenever I hear a new track in the community that I really like, I usually get inspiration from that - like @NeXus is relatively new to the community, and his/her track Uranium partially inspired some of the drums in my new song Vase (which you can check out in my EP :wink: https://soundcloud.com/yaad-official/sets/still-life-ep).

But yeah: the community as a whole really inspires me to produce (hopefully) enjoyable music and hopefully I can help inspire people in good ways as well! :blush:


I’m very impressed by pretty much anybody that has the motivation and desire to succeed and improve themself. A lot of people I see (both Auxy users and not) have worked so hard to overcome hurdles and make their way from 0, to 10, to 50, to 500 followers despite doubt from others, lack of motivation, etc. and that grind and determination is honestly just so incredible to me.

It’s a seriously hard road if you actually want to go somewhere with your music as the competition you have to beat out is huge and growing by the day. So I’m very grateful to say the least to be surrounded by those types of people and it’s definitely what inspires me to expand my own horizons.


Welp I can definitely say that most of my inspiration comes from people like @Goxenar , @Aqua , @Hexx , @Xiejra , Onumi, Kotori, Alon Mor, and basically everyone who i follow.
Special thanks to people like Goxenar, Onumi, and Xiejra, because they completely changed the way I made music. I’m also inspired by the kind of people here who try to promote themselves and get themselves onto labels, etc… It’s awesome to see and it helps me work up the courage to submit to a big label myself, eventually…

Oh and also, to the people who support my music, you inspire me to create more music and to put more effort into what I do, thank yall !!! !!! !!! !!!


Yeah man! You inspire me to make more beats or even make dubstep beats.




My biggest inspiration is 90s jungle and techno.
The production from that era remains unbeaten.

Goldie’s ‘Timeless’ was the record that changed my life.



thanks man

imo i think @MR_ANDERSON, @aUstin_Haga and @Tolberto inspire me most; they kinda got me making future bass in the first place


Wow, this thread became really deep.


Yeah, thanks man! Part of my style is thanks to you.


Me? Wow thanks bro


Really all video game music inspires me + my favorite Auxy artists like @NotMiles, @Lex and @MR_ANDERSON


I see what you did there




Alan Walker


Same here


Mostly Plaid, but also Kraftwerk, Jon Hopkins, Orbital, Clark, Tipper… My tastes seem pretty specific and not very popular…