Who inspires you?


Hello guys! I’m mostly inspired by dubstep producers and here’s the photo of who I’m the most inspired by:

These are also my favorite artists! And who inspire you? Tell me guys! You all inspire me guys!


I can’t make a song without a drop, so no ambient for me


You mean get, not lack right? If you lack something it means you’re missing it… it’s the absence of something.


Well, I lack skills for ambience music


So you are saying those artists aren’t skilled enough to give you inspiration? :joy:




y e s


Turn up the reverb all the way. Get like 80 BPM. Place a chord every 2 bars. Use a spaced out melody. Hip Hop drum beat but super slow, and with soft samples. EZ!

Oh, and add and remove one thing every 8 bars.


Welp.I didn’t said that man.All of them are very skilled

Well except for me :crai:


I was joking, I knew what you were trying to say. You just worded it weirdly. English is a wonderful thing :slight_smile:


Telefon Tel Aviv, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Nine Inch Nails, Thom Yorke, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Mum, BT, Celldweller, Korn, A Perfect Circle, The Prodigy. It’s a pretty big list, it’s a pretty weird list.


gotta love xtrullor and virtual riot.

To be honest I haven’t really found my strong point in any genre yet, but I do love artists such as

Petit Biscuit (My favorite :P)
Porter Robinson


I think I know why you like Porter Robinson & Madeon…

I really know…

This text will be blurred :wink:


ayy rukkus

but yeah i get inspired by everyone really


I’m inspired by myself


Perpetual inspiration machine


What’s this mean


No it’s not Shelter lol. Shelter is good, but I discovered them because my friend showed me virtual self, and “Pay no mind” by Madeon.


Damn man, thanks. You’re welcome to DM me if you need anything.


I didn’t even know what a wub was til’ I watched his tutorials. Thanks man!