Who has a real synthesizer?


I love synths and i would love to have one for my own but sadly they are really expensive. I wondered if anyone of you owns a synth if so which synth and if you send a video or a photo of it that would be awesome :slight_smile:

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I don’t have one too haha, They are pretty expensive. The person who could probably help you out the most here would be @NickElle!



There are inexpensive options. The Volca line is great (KORG) https://www.korg.com/us/products/dj/. Pocket Operators by Teenage Engineering aren’t too expensive https://teenageengineering.com/products/po.

You can also go the route of apps + bluetooth midi controller or hardwired. This is quite a lot less expensive in some cases, and would let you use your hardware across multiple apps on iOS or on a desktop/laptop. I have the Nanokey Studio, highly recommend especially when paired with Gadget. It also comes with a small shedload of free software https://www.korg.com/us/products/computergear/nanokey_studio/

Before I sold all of my stuff, I had a Yamaha RM1x (was pretty neat but a pain in the ass to program), Korg Electribe EA1 and EM1 (really wish I had these still) and an Alesis Micron.

Point being, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get into hardware or hardware feel. There’s something to be said for tactile, hands on control.



I have a Minibrute 2. Real analog synth for a nice price.



@Unfound just got one

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That is a good synth but its too pricey over here. It costs as much as a second handed yamaha ybr moyorcycle👀 in Turkey.

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The volca series is surprisingly cheap. I might get o a volca modular for myself :smiley:

Yes they are cheap but i think they have limited capabilites for their price.

This is absouletly correct. Yes the apps are a lot cheaper but i think playing with the real thing is much more fun :slight_smile:



Which synth @Unfound?



Dang! That sucks.

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Well, I could give you synth buying tips, but it seems like @icsleepers already covered what I would have said. (Except for a Novation Circuit. That is a great 1st synth, as it comes with 2 synth engines, and a sampler.)

So, I’ll tell you about what you’ll need to use your synth, and how to record it.
(You’re on Logic, right?)
One thing that you’ll need is an audio interface. It converts analog audio (audio from your synth) to digital audio (audio in your DAW).

Also, some audio interfaces come with a MIDI interface built in. With a MIDI interface, you will be able to control your synth’s parameters, and even play it through Logic (or any DAW).



I will also second the Circuit, forgot about that! Awesome synth editor on a computer (Mac or Windows I believe) and you can load your own samples. People are turned off by not having a screen but from what I understand when you wrap your head around it you won’t even miss the screen. My EM1 didn’t have a screen either and I could program a beat on there fierce.



I have a QS8 synthesiser. It is really old but it comes in handy a LOT.



Korg Electribes are INCREDIBLE machines. Hate you had to give ‘em up :disappointed:



I have an Arturia Microbrute. It’s a great monophonic synth for the price & size. I’ve only used it for playing around and jamming but I know you can link up click tracks (somehow) so you could actually use it for recording.



I have a few, both digital and analog. I have an OB-6, a modern version of the infamous OB-X (featured in tracks such as Jump by Van Halen), as well as a wide range of modular synths (both digital and analog). My dad and I build most of our modulars from diagrams and parts.

Forgot to mention though - if you’re looking for budget stuff, the OB-6 is not the way to go. As for modulars… also… not typically the cheapest once you get a few modules and racks. Which is pretty much necessary.

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I have a Auturia Mini Lab and Auturia KeyLab 88. My Auturia KeyLab comes preset with sounds, it’s pretty cool. If you’d like a video of it you can dm me. I usually use my Auturia mini because it’s portable

Edit: it’s spelled Arturia :woman_facepalming:



Novation circuit does look pretty usefull. I will think about that too. Sampler + synth sounds amazing. I will search more about its synth engines capabilities.



You are pretty lucky to have that synth👀.
OB-6 is perfecf. And yeah sadly modular synths are too expensive

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I am thinking about buying Arturia miniLab. Since it has many knobs and it comes with a software that has a few of the legendary synths digital version i was totally down for Minilab. The thing is, in the software you cant tweak the preset sounds and play around with the synths.