Who created the better song?

My friend Stankerz Dann said he’s “Pro” in Auxy. I said: “We’re alll not pros in Auxy” and then,War starts. 4 days later he post me his Auxy project. And I post to him my song. So please say who created better song.
If it’s Stankerz Dann write #SDann
If it’s me write #XR

Here’s Stankerz project:https://app.auxy.co/projects/jcy0wk1fcHZjinQgfrE8KA==

Here’s mine:https://app.auxy.co/projects/-WbZNfXzNCV6SDDRZX8C7w==

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Can you like post both on SoundCloud?

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Stankerz writes to me a message. It says:
“Hey Xlimator I don’t want my song on SoundCloud!!!”


I think your project is better than SDann’s one but perhaps it will become better tune, so I’ll try to remix it. Would you mind my doing that?

Ok try to remix that :grinning:

Thank you so!

He said he don’t want his song on SoundCloud



To be fair, I didn’t actually listen to the tracks.
I just thought the meme would be funny.



That meme was good :joy:

Anyway Stankerz Dann creates good song and he’s just starting

Here it is!

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Yes this project is better than Dann

Laughing Out Loud

Honestly i like the remix more than any other project in this thread

I love it

Yours, hence the other wasnt a full length song. Even if it was itd still be urs

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No comparison. You won dood


are you

S T A N K E R Z   D A N N