Who can find the best audio visualizer for my new song: Light Moon?

The background has to be a moon and it has to look similar to monstercat
Contest ends at 2/21/2018 at 6:00 PM
I will be picking the top two and then you guys vote on witch one is better



Here, a quick sample
Google drive didn’t work properly on the thread so I’ll share a link without player
Erase - and check it out please.

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very nice and well done

Remember i might not see all of your visualizers so to get noticed better @JJX me

If you have FL studio there is a built-in visualizer you can use


i don’t sadly

It’s ok :blush:

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your not going to compete?

Is this a competition?
I posted one as a suggestion…
Is there any prize or something?

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the winner gets the “prize” you call is the video that goes on youtube and you get all the credit (except the song)

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iTunes has a weird visualizer that you can try and use

(Controls are super freaking werid and don’t work sometimes, but it’s not bad)

If I have the time :wink:

this contest ends on Wedness day and i only have one submission

Would you be willing to extend the deadline?

Dude you need to have some experience with Adobe After Effects to make something like that.

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maybe what expansion or how long would it be?

would anyone like me to extend the deadline?


they were the only person competing!!!

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