Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)


I’ll let that one through on a technicality, although it wasn’t in the spirit of the thread. :wink:

I’ve edited the title to be more clear. :stuck_out_tongue:




:blakkaz: https://soundcloud.com/icsleepers/capzuul

:blakkaz: https://soundcloud.com/echnoolf/poland



In all fairness though I think Capzuul did get reposted. I’m glad it resonates though :slight_smile: got a lil love over on the Audiobus forums too


My bad…
Congrats though. I loved it.


Has Auxy noticed the frontier tracks yet?


i don’t think we’ve been noticed yet, and it’s not their priority to repost stuff so it’s not like it matters :joy:


Ah. You guys are doing a good job running the label tho.


Silence VIP by @DJ_La_Rocca

Absolutely beautiful.


Yo thanks man. Your truely a lad.


https://soundcloud.com/anthony-la-rocca-4/silence-vip by @DJ_La_Rocca

Agreed, this deserves a repost. It is most definitely a beautiful track.


“your truely a lad” - DJ_La_Rocca 2018

All jokes aside, I also agree with @Eswyn and @Goxenar


Truly a lad man


@DJ_La_Rocca- Silence deserves a repost


Caves by ST3R30

Has this already been reposted?

Amazing song with an awesome atmosphere.


Dis one


SoundCloud: Andrew Adams - We Fight As One

(Forum thread)

Great work, @Andrew_Adams


In my opinion Auxy need to repost this track https://soundcloud.com/zephsound/drift @Zeph nice work man


Pretty sure the auxy repost account is on indefinite hiatus until @lenberg returns, so that may take a while :\


Aw thanks brother :slight_smile: