Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)


Two words… Absolutely amazing.


At least repost a track from here, Auxy team. I can’t get over this EP, seriously. Excursion is by far my favorite track, and @SanaB deserves it.


Thank you so much! Gotta say, the same goes for Angel City.

Songbird is my personal favorite, but all of these deserve attention from Auxy. :ok_hand:



https://soundcloud.com/iaatoe/mamba recommending this again because it was only liked but it deserves a full repost. Throw some variety in the huge producers for once.

https://soundcloud.com/stigmomusic/viper And this one is fantastic too, really deserves a repost.

Then again, it’s not like the oligarchy will change.


Soaring: https://soundcloud.com/user-andrewadams/soaring by @Andrew_Adams
Pineapple: https://soundcloud.com/indir3ct/pineapple by @INDIR3CT

Love both these songs so much


I mean, not everyone has a style as soon as they start making music. It takes time for this to happen, and there is nothing wrong with wanting popularity. Its how you make money, a fanbase, gigs in concerts, etc. With time, he/she will find themself and the style of music they feel they should produce.




who said that wanting to get reposted by Auxy makes it totally impossible to have your own style?


who said that wanting to get reposted by Auxy makes it totally impossible to have your own style?

Erm… no-one.

It was a question about what is “more important”.


I must add to this. @IAATOE’s Mamba deserves a repost



It’s crazy to think there was a time when every @IAATOE song was pretty much reposted. Now, it’s rare to see anyone outside the “big” (read: promoted) producers.


i fourth that

iaatoe is a l e g e n d


Auxy reposts give underrated users exposure so they can get the attention they deserve. It’s quite important.

but atm it’s just big producers


Sometimes unoticed producers don’t get any listens on their track


:man_facepalming: No-one said it wasn’t important.

It was a question about what is “more important”.

(Emphasis added, to make sure people are reading the whole sentence.)


Unless SC on phone isn’t behaving well, I see a pretty good spread of regulars around here reposted, along with the “big” producers (in the context of???)

I think regular engagement helps. Also, when you post something it’s really helpful to put genre tags, just at least try. Anything tagged as dubstep/drum and bass for example I am definitely going to listen to. People will flock toward what they like. Without any genre tag you’re kind of sailing on a hope and a prayer…

I am certain I’m not the only person who goes through tracks like this, so def help yourself by posting an approximation of what the genre is.

  • “If you build it, they will come”


Ah, guess I misunderstood


yep 100%


To be honest though… it’s not like he’s setting aside his whole career to make a song that will get reposted. One song doesn’t really determine your style.

Also, it might be that to him, Auxy reposts are almost directly correlated to how good a song is. May or may not be true, but it’s a possibility.


Indeed. Lucky that I phrased it as a question, then. :wink:

Fwiw, Goxenar appeared to answer ‘yes’ to the question (by proxy of agreeing with TheRealJFalc’s statement…

some people are more happy with recognition than anything else.

And let’s not forget that my question was immediately followed by…

OK, I guess. Each to their own.

So, while your defending Goxenar’s position, note that I wasn’t actually attacking it.
Questioning (and sure, judging, to some extent), but not attacking it.

As I said, each to their own. :slight_smile:


I think one of the problems with the repost system, besides the impossibility of having any community input on the tracks being recognized, is the fact that there is no consistent scheduling or track of what gets promoted. Weeks go by and suddenly after two weeks there’s about 30 tracks reposted all at once. That really lowers the value of a single repost. Of course, having the moderators or people in positions of influence over this would fix this for the most part.

Regardless, I’m once again recommending Mamba. https://soundcloud.com/iaatoe/mamba


I was about to do that!