Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)


@tornait came back with this amazing upbeat track.



No idea why this fantastic song wasn’t reposted, it’s just as good as some of the preview tracks for Auxy 5 and it came out so soon after the update. It’s truly fantastic.


I wish :skull::joy: but thanks mann


Thank you so much man! :slight_smile: Really appreciate it


Quadrant by @NotMiles
Amazing track.


Together as One, by @Eswyn deserves a repost imo. Definitely more attention


LEVI, A.K.A.: Reaper 2.0!!
He makes really cool music!!
Check out his song known as, “Moonlight Sonata”!! Real DOPE! AND, “Pulse”!! TWO DOPE SONGS OF HIS!!
@Reaper2.0, am I right, buddy?


It’s worth including an SC link.
The harder you make it for Lenberg to quickly and easily go and review the proposed tracks, the less likely it is that he’ll check it out.

That said, I’m not sure there’s any evidence that this thread has led to a single repost, so… :man_shrugging:


Quadrant got reposted after @Mr_Mooo mentioned it. Thanks dude!


Cool. 1/109.

Go us! :wink:


Technically it was two songs, Stereofield’s song and NotMiles’s song.

So 2/109. Not much better


I’ll hush then.
I can’t argue against that kind of success rate.



Thanks dude!


In other news it’s hard to believe this fantastic song by SanaB featuring HAYVN wasn’t reposted either. It baffles me how such a brilliant creator only has a single repost :\


No problem!



Breathe freely. Let the current guide you.


Let’s revive this thread


Tbh, it’s nice to show others you appreciate their music, but I’m not sure it’s making any significant difference for reposts.


It certainly isn’t as of right now, but perhaps the more attention we give and the more things like this are pushed, it might make the difference. Theoretically, at least.


Alright I have a great track for Auxy to repost - Mamba by @IAATOE


give it a listen (and a like, and a repost) ITS SO GOOD