Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)


Fair enough.
For me, it’s about ‘recognition for what I do’, rather than ‘what I do for recognition’.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the record as pushing for more transparency (and objectivity) on Lenberg’s ‘criteria’ for Auxy reposts.

Perhaps with this recent push to be keep things more ‘professional’, we might start seeing the Auxy SC channel being used as a proper brand channel (incl. more transparency and objectivity), rather than Lenberg’s personal channel, based entirely on his personal taste and preferences alone - which is how it’s been used so far.

(I’m also on record as saying that it would also be good if he would allow a mod or two to Repost tracks on the Auxy SC channel. It’s clearly not getting the attention and maintenance it ideally should. So, one or two more pairs of eyes and ears would help reduce the number of worthy tracks that are ‘missed’.)


Thank you. You are great as well. As for my “style” I have been using Auxy for almost a year, as stated by @TheRealJFalc, but I have been producing music for quite a while. 3 years and a half, I simply felt as if I found the right application to produce music in properly. Therefore, I chose to delete my previously made tracks off of soundcloud and simply stick to Auxy made tracks.


De-tune has been something I have been trying to advance in throughout those 3 years.


That sounds awfully fast to me.

It’s worth bearing in mind that none here have really ‘tested’ their material outside the Auxy bubble.

It’s one thing to get feedback from a tiny, niche community of peers and maybe a few hundred plays on SC (mostly from the same niche community), but to assume that’s sufficient experience needed to form a solid idea of the style that’s going to define ‘your music for years to come.

And that’s not even touching upon whether that style is in any way new or distinct.

To have ‘a’ sound in that time is easy. To develop ‘your’ sound in that time… not so easy.

What might pass for “great” within the (almost universally uncritical) community might well flounder when put up against other talented newcomers working in the same or similar genres,

(The fact that the most successful ‘Auxy producers’ have yet to break through or even achieve anything approaching a career based on their music should remind you that there’s perhaps more to it.)

If recognition is what you’re going for, then I’d be very surprised if 6-12 months of dabbling part-time in Auxy is going to be enough. At least, for recognition beyond the Auxy bubble.


Isn’t that the genre you’re supposedly trying to launch/kickstart?

From your last six or seven tracks on SC, only one has that style/tag. (I suspect it’s the only track you’ve posted with that tag.)

TBH, if that’s where things stand after three years of trying to advance ‘de-tune, well…

If you’re trying to carve out a reputation in a specific genre or, even harder, trying to launch a brand new genre, then you really need to be pushing out more material in that style - possibly only music in that style.

If your remixes are ‘de-tune’ style, then add that as the genre tag.

Additionally, as I’ve possibly mentioned before, without some supporting genre tags to give ‘de-tune’ context of where it sits in the musical family tree, you’re likely to struggle to get any traction whatsoever.

#de-tune and #auxy don’t really communicate anything to anyone outside this community. On its own, #de-tune is largely meaningless. You might want to add a few genre tags for genres closest to ‘de-tune, as that’s likely where you’ll find an audience.

If it’s close to dubstep, add #dubstep. If it’s electronic, add #electronic.

As it stands no-one’s going to know if it might appeal to them because they have no recognisable points of reference.


That is completely agreeable, I was planning on doing that soon yet unfortunately I haven’t found the time to do that as my free time is literally only to compose or produce music.


Sorry, I don’t understand your statement.

It seems like you’re agreeing with my suggestion to make more (detune) music, but you’re saying you haven’t had time, because all your free time is used to make music.

If you’re talking about adding genre tags, that takes seconds to add - as the genres you add would presumably be something you’ve been thinking about during the past three years, so would already have a clear opinion about.


Yeah, I guess it could probably depend. Also, it’s hard to tell because people’s styles can change over the years as well.


Ah ok, cool. :+1:


I agree. Mods (or janitors) should be allowed to repost


Thank you!



jk im not mad


Thank you!

I’m a “him”, btw.

Also your stuff is amazing!


So good.



Deserves recognition for sure.


Why hasn’t this been reposted yet?


This definitely was previously reposted…


When? This was posted a day ago. I checked the reposts, and Auxy hasn’t seen this.


No, he was talking about https://soundcloud.com/alexlambert89/rain, which you also posted. :slight_smile:


Oh. :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:


It still hasn’t been reposted or liked by Auxy.