Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)




Imo, you should still recommend it for a repost.

After all, this thread isn’t simply about getting Lenberg to notice good tracks, but actively promote them.




I think I’ve seen one remix reposted on Auxy… but uh, I don’t know if they’ll repost any of mine. I’m unsure.


Hard to know whether this is an Auxy track or not.


It is!


Yay Lenberg saw this thread


I asked stereofield and he said it’s all Auxy. I’m going to remix it so I’ve seen the project link as well— it’s pure Auxy.


Isn’t this true of any song made in Auxy these days? With custom samples, you could technically make a song using Auxy that doesn’t contain any instruments.


Yea but since the official page is an Auxy page and the app is meant to be Auxy and unique, reposts are probably songs which are mainly Auxy and only use samples for say vocal snippets or a transition bleep


I suspect this will be true of tracks featured in the app feed.

Many (all?) featured tracks include the project files. Without a clean way to share both project file and imported samples - i.e. a ‘complete’ track - in a single link, I think were unlikely to see tracks which use imported samples heavily be featured.

Imo, it’s something that should be addressed in the next update, for the sake of the ‘featured’ tracks, but primarily to better support collaboration.



Cool. I just meant to say that it would be hard to judge whether that track was an Auxy track at first glance. Hence my previous comment about adding a note about that if you’re looking to get reposted. Just makes it easier for us.


Upped my chances on my track— “Don’t Judge.” Is there anything else I can state regarding Auxy within the song itself?


What do you mean “within the song itself”?
Are you asking for ways to adapt your track to increase the chances of an Auxy repost?


YES, that is correct.


So, it’s more important to you at this early stage of your development to try to be popular than to try to develop your own style and sound?

OK, I guess. Each to their own.


To be perfectly fair, I feel Goxenar’s style has been very well developed. He’s been composing for over half a year nearly a full year now, and only recently has he started getting a taste of attention. I think he’s asking for tips on how to refine it rather than develop what he already has. Not to refute your point at all, I do feel that’s incredibly important.

To each their own for certain. However, some people are more happy with recognition than anything else. I’m sure a lot of us are craving for a taste in that limelight for once. Some things shouldn’t be rushed though, but try telling that to the majority of young adults xD

Anyway, I definitely would love to see Goxenar’s remix of Crimson (before it was even featured no less) recognized. It’s incredibly fantastic and worthy of an Auxy repost.


Could not have said it better than @TheRealJFalc , literally.


Less than a year isn’t a very long time to develop your style… (to clarify, we’re talking style not skill. Goxenar is great :+1:)


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I feel a couple of months is a good place to start for a style, then moving up towards a year is when a style is most clearly “defined”. Many people would say people who have only had a few songs have a distinctive style already as well. It’s subjective xD