Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)


https://soundcloud.com/rainbrothrash/the-marianas-web-full this is art


this was a cool thread…


Plus, I think it’s been totally ignored by Lenberg, so… :man_shrugging:


Cool track. @rowanskye
Auxy is following him, but I don’t think it is something that Auxy would repost. Cool nonetheless.


Why? Because they don’t repost EDM and FB? You’re kidding, right?


This track is (in my opinion) one of the most underplayed Auxy tracks.


Would be good if @lenberg or @Fredrik could let us know if they’re reviewing/monitoring this thread at all.

Lenberg mentioned that he welcomed suggestions for Reposts on the Auxy SC channel, ergo this thread.
But, if it’s not getting their attention, it would be good to know.

Jus’ sayin’.


Yea! Pls @lenberg? It would be a massive help to you

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Sorry if I missed this thread! Let’s reboot it though. I.e. welcome to suggest tracks that you think are outstanding and that we haven’t reposted. If someone posts a track that you like, just favorite that posts then instead of posting the same link twice.


Btw. I should mention that it’s generally a good idea to keep the #Auxy on SoundCloud and perhaps even write something along the lines of “Made with Auxy” in the description in case you want to increase the chances of reposting.


I will most certainly see about that! :joy::skull:


plz its really good




This one was simply great, a fantastic use of wubs (something that isn’t usually to my taste as many of you are aware) and very well done.


Always wanted James Lucien & Conux’s track “Decade” to get a repost. It has some great EDM vibes and melodies. :slightly_smiling_face:



if this hasn’t gotten reposted yet it deserves to, it’s amazing



it already got reposted


To all, it’s important that this thread contains only as-yet-unreposted tracks.
So, please check to see if a track has already been reposted by Auxy before suggesting it.

You can easily check a track’s reposts in the right-hand column / sidebar on the SC page.

If a track has many reposts and you don’t see the Auxy channel icon in the sidebar, be sure to click ‘View all’.


Definitely this track.


stereofield nailed this one.


What if it’s already been liked by auxy but not reposted. In other words @lenberg already saw it.