Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)

So catchy

And this
Well made, and also catchy

:open_mouth: and a key change?

https://soundcloud.com/crystldawn/palms for sure


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He showed you de wey?



@SpaghettiSauce The “ah” sound (or choir sound) I’m referring to comes in at 1:54.

@Phoenix Haha! My son literally just explained to me this whole “de way” thing. I had no idea that was a thing (meme?) when I wrote that. Im so out of it. :relieved:


@darwinmcd, you have a son?!? That’s awesome! I actually have two daughters so I’m in the parents club with you, along with @icsleepers and others. Don’t worry, I’m out of a lot of things too. I’ve been slowly making my through your tracks and they are great!

To contribute to this post I’ll share my favorite so far:



@Morgen Thank you for checking out my songs and for the props!! I thought we had a lot in common musically when I started listening to your songs a few weeks ago. Just checked out the song you uploaded (“Grounded”)…another banger!! Awesome track dude! Did you do that in Auxy?

Wow…2 girls! They must keep you busy. Glad to know there are more dads in here besides me and @icsleepers (we traded a few dadisms in another topic a while back…another solid dude who always takes the time to provide great feedback) :grin:

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Wow…that song punches you in the eardrums with awesomeness!! Damn!

No, I just DM’d you with an overly long explanation :sunglasses:

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Lol don’t feel bad I had to google it. I have no idea half the time what these youngins are heccin takin about…

Then of course all day at work I’m saying to myself “He does not know de wei, you know de wae”.


Oh man two girls. Good luck and god speed I’m constantly on the go with my two meatballs and they’re still young :sleepy:

I am. Perpetually. Exhausted.



Wait is this made with the update beta beacuse I haven’t heard most of those sounds before

@moemx’s song Wise Wolf, somehow it was never reposted but it’s absolutely amazing


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Idk anymore. All songs are awesome! I cant decide! xD

@darwinmcd and anyone else who’s not sure if a track’s been reposted…

SC reposts are listed lower down in the right-hand column on SC tracks.

It’s worth checking first. Don’t want to waste Lenberg’s good will recommending stuff that he’s already reposted.

@Auxy, could you quickly confirm (or not) whether this thread is a worthwhile way to bring recommendations to your attention?


@akabillposters Will definitely do that. Would never want to waste @Auxy’s valuable time.

Yeah he’s one of the testers.

No reposts in the last seven days!?
What could possibly be distracting them?




This came out a few days ago but whoever this is doesn’t seem to be on the forums. However they have very good music and I really like this song they created. The drum work is fantastic, especially so soon after the new update too! I’m excited to see what they produce in the future